Darren Rovell @darrenrovell
In last 3 1/2 years, Nike has terminated contracts of Lance Armstrong, Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Oscar Pistorius & Manny Pacquiao
Segera setelah Manny Pacquiao melontarkan sikapnya terhadap komunitas LGBT, Nike mencabut sponsornya.

Coba simak kumpulan berita dan komentar netizen.

BBC News Indonesia @BBCIndonesia
Terkait ucapannya yang menghina LGBT, Nike hentikan kontrak sponsor dengan Manny Pacquiao bbc.in/219WkdH pic.twitter.com/vwHiKur2Kh
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The New York Times @nytimes
The boxer Manny Pacquiao loses his Nike sponsorship after he calls people in gay relationships "worse than animals" nyti.ms/1WuTPzs
RT @RT_com
Nike ends Manny Pacquiao contract after boxer says gays are 'worse than animals' on.rt.com/74tg pic.twitter.com/4nWE7kzBXo
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Paolo Angelo De Vera @GPaoloDeVera
@nytimes So You cannot work work for or with @Nike if you are against Homosexuality and Same-sex Marriage? Isn't it discrimination?

Good point, standar ganda freedom of speech

Oluwaseyi Olawale @tpdeleke
@nytimes it doesn't matter how much it cost him. The truth is what y'all don't want to hear and the world is perishing for evil belief.
Si @Si_G__
@nytimes sodomy is an unnatural act so I can see his point
The Mashie @TheMashie1
@nytimes So NIke is gay, I am burning all my nike shoes, socks, caps, tracksuits and t-shirts today.
Tyler Howard @Beastwarking
@Ianbain2 @nytimes This ain't the government, this is the free market at work. If your employer doesn't like what you say, they can fire you
Tyree Eberhart @tyree_eberhart
@nytimes America is lost behind all that bs.This government is devil worshippers.They doing everything wrong.no more gay marriage.
Bartleby @the_scrivener
@BlackerHeart_ @nytimes was he arrested? No. He has free speech, that doesn't entitle him to a private company's money
Nike drops Manny Pacquiao after anti-gay comments cnn.it/20GeXnl pic.twitter.com/fdWKaK2Yfg
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BBC Sport @BBCSport
"No-one's ever going to sponsor him again." Nike terminates deal with Manny Pacquiao. bbc.in/1QlyQk4 pic.twitter.com/a0ZvMbEdOC
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ABC Grandstand @abcgrandstand
Despite Nike dropping out as his sponsor, #boxing champ #MannyPacquiao stands firm on gay slurs that sparked outcry ab.co/1RbGQRF
GMA News @gmanews
FULL STORY: @mannypacquiao says he respects @Nike’s decision to cut off ties with him gmane.ws/1QlRyYI pic.twitter.com/E8e09s7DTi
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Bleacher Report @BleacherReport
Manny Pacquiao says he told “truth” on gay couples, respects Nike contract call ble.ac/1TszGvA pic.twitter.com/ml70NJ7dWf
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The New Republic @newrepublic
Nike cuts ties with Manny Pacquiao after he called the LGBT community “worse than animals.” bit.ly/1To4e0c pic.twitter.com/R7LXoamXi1
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Harry Cook @HarryCook
A day after Nike dumps @mannypacquiao he posts this vile Instagram post implying gay people should be put to death. pic.twitter.com/x37AfVdBHD
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Panca @panca66
Hi @mannypacquiao I read Nike terminate your contract. Don't worry be happy. I say good bye to Nike :) pic.twitter.com/KwOOr4R9WF
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WAYNE ANDREWS @TreasuryTutor
So...... #Nike is happy to endorse drug cheats, but not people who insult gays #Pacquiao bbc.com/sport/boxing/3…

Mind Blown


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