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Smart Casual Short Tips by @kukiztee

Tips about Smart Casual dress code by @kukiztee
foxbites @ffoxbites

How often u receive invitation w/ #smartcasual dresscode?Inviting 20 people 2our workshop sometime ago, n still receive qs on this dresscode

08/11/2011 19:45:43 WIB
foxbites @ffoxbites

I am surprised to find some arrived on their slippers n shorts for #smartcasual dresscode

08/11/2011 19:48:54 WIB
foxbites @ffoxbites

#smartcasual stands for combination of smart attire and casual ones, just select some parts from ur smart wardrobe and some fr ur casual

08/11/2011 19:52:37 WIB
foxbites @ffoxbites

Smart attire is the ones u pick for job interview like: trousers,pencil skirt, white or modest pattern shirt,pointy black shoes #Smartcasual

08/11/2011 19:57:03 WIB
foxbites @ffoxbites

Casual includes jeans, cute tops, simple cut shorts or polo shirts so forth #Smartcasual

08/11/2011 22:22:38 WIB
foxbites @ffoxbites

Where to wear #Smartcasual? Casual fridays, afterwork cocktails, workshops or seminars

08/11/2011 22:42:43 WIB
foxbites @ffoxbites

The idea of #Smartcasual is to be stylish without being too formal, but to dress comfortably

08/11/2011 22:45:17 WIB
foxbites @ffoxbites

#Smartcasual means combining your white shirt with jeans and peeptoes, or for men, polo shirt and trousers

08/11/2011 22:48:43 WIB


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