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#TrilogiaDos #GMO #Climate Change #Bio Diversity

#GMO #Climate Change #Bio Diversity
biology CHANGE GMO climate
Gyeongim Lee @findingfun
@mercola: Your #child is not a lab rat. And that's what eating GM foods are turning them into. http://t.co/yIU0KGIJ #gmo #parenting”남의일이아닌
Steve Scrutton @stevescrutton
Sugar consumption a 'public health crisis' aggravated by GMO sugar beets http://t.co/T87i9NJF via @HealthRanger
Magnus A L Mulliner @magnusmulliner
Monsanto & friends are spending over $1 million a day to fight GMO labeling and defeat Prop. 37. YOU CAN HELP.... http://t.co/GvCpNkPS
Douglas J. Ward @dougw4496tl
Help win the battle for GMO labeling by supporting California's fight to pass Prop 37! http://t.co/Dq8vGSOp via @causes
Matthew Sinclair @mjhsinclair
If @ianbirrell is going to write an article this vapid, he should avoid the term "ill-informed loudmouth" http://t.co/jdRxb15k
Absolute Combustion @absoluteburner
Addressing Climate Change Is Pro-Business | ThinkProgress http://t.co/LEeaWFKD
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