Da #HipHopEd Rewind: Deconstructing White Privilege II Through I Hip-Hop Lens

#HipHopEd weekly twitter chat on 1.27.16 was "Deconstructing White Privilege II Through a Hip-Hop Lens" Visit #HipHopEd's website for more information at www.hiphoped.com Read More
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nora rahimian @norarahimian 27/01/2016 09:24:32 WIB
All white people benefit from white privilege. Its embedded into systems and institutions. #hiphoped twitter.com/troynathans/st…
Emily Bailin Wells, Ed.D. @emilybailin 27/01/2016 09:24:33 WIB
HELL YEA, that’s #HipHopEd fam (and now minor celeb) featured in that @nytimes article!!! SO PROUD! twitter.com/TheJLV/status/…
Mr. Greg Corbin II @JustGregPoet 27/01/2016 09:25:15 WIB
Macklemore mentions in his song that his skin color allows to bring up the very topic of #WhitePrivilege2 #HipHopEd
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 27/01/2016 09:25:21 WIB
Now you are addressing an issue that is very multi-faceted but on point #HipHopEd twitter.com/HRHGloriaSanto…
Diane Hardy @dianitahardy 27/01/2016 09:25:22 WIB
@Ianplevy @macklemore Truthfully I am cynical when he's got an album coming out. #HipHopEd
Words Beats & Life @WordsBeatsLife 27/01/2016 09:25:26 WIB
@Ianplevy @macklemore so am i to understand that the uneasiness he describes in the song is no white allies experience? #hiphoped
Jon Balcerak @JonBalcerak 27/01/2016 09:25:31 WIB
(2/2) ...but in my experience those mistakes/missteps are incredibly important in my becoming aware of my privilege. #HipHopEd
Brian Mooney @BeMoons 27/01/2016 09:25:35 WIB
White privilege shouldn't equate to white guilt if we are working to ensure the same privileges we enjoy are extended to others. #HipHopEd
Christopher Emdin @chrisemdin 27/01/2016 09:25:45 WIB
White Privilege is partnered with White supremacy & implants Black and Brown inferiority into the collective consciousness #HipHopEd
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 27/01/2016 09:25:59 WIB
For everyone tweeting tonight during the chat please remember to use the hash tag #HipHopEd for our time line
mikedando @mbdando 27/01/2016 09:26:00 WIB
@troynathans yes. all this. 2 continue 2 grow "involved" or "woke" folks must be constantly reflective. #hiphoped
Mr. Greg Corbin II @JustGregPoet 27/01/2016 09:26:15 WIB
There is a lack of POC in leadership roles across the board and that is a systemically geared problem. #HipHopEd
Ian P. Levy Ed.D @Ianplevy 27/01/2016 09:26:33 WIB
@WordsBeatsLife @macklemore thoughts and feelings on being white & what that means within the context of attempting to be an ally #HipHopEd
Janelle Bechdol @JanelleBechdol 27/01/2016 09:26:34 WIB
#hiphoped do we give Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke passes?
Cee O. @NoLimits224 27/01/2016 09:26:48 WIB
@troynathans I don't know. But him using his platform to talk about privilege didn't change POC's reality. #HipHopEd
Mr. Greg Corbin II @JustGregPoet 27/01/2016 09:27:17 WIB
As Educators Macklemore has pushed the envelope for us all to open and shift the content/dialogue into the youth centered arena #HipHopEd
Ian P. Levy Ed.D @Ianplevy 27/01/2016 09:27:23 WIB
@dianitahardy @macklemore and that his last big hit was about gay rights and it blew him up. Being a straight white guy and all... #HipHopEd
Timothy Jones @tdj6899 27/01/2016 09:27:39 WIB
@BeMoons The question is whether that is even possible. There has to be a level of feasibility within our aspirations #HipHopEd
Dr. Gloria Santos @HRHGloriaSantos 27/01/2016 09:27:43 WIB
In my community, only white-ish hiphoppers get to be called "heads". They do not think of themselves as white. #HipHopEd #WhitePrivilege
nora rahimian @norarahimian 27/01/2016 09:27:56 WIB
@Ianplevy So many ways/times @macklemore could've talked re #whiteprivilege, but he waited to promo his album. He centers himself. #hiphoped
Words Beats & Life @WordsBeatsLife 27/01/2016 09:28:01 WIB
@JustGregPoet is this true? or is it the case that POC are in leadership of things that don't get supported or recognized? #hiphoped
Diedre Faith Houchen @DiedreFHouchen 27/01/2016 09:28:08 WIB
@tdj6899 I'm also interested in thinking through what whites don't see/experiece bc of perceived privilege-that's the blindness, #HipHopEd
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