Mahesh @Mahi_66
#YoRahulSoDumb .went to france to give give french kiss lol
AshDubey_ @AshDubey_
SOme1 told amulBaby that his Laptop is hit by Virus Attack.He sacked Z-Securty ppl around him #YoRahulSoDumb
Dinesh Nair @ottteri
#YoRahulSoDumb he thinks a sleeping bull is a BULLDOZER
Shekhar Verma @Saffron_Shekhar
#YoRahulSoDumb he once stopped a man ill-treating a donkey. It was a case of brotherly love.
Chhayank Mehta @chhayank
#YoRahulsoDumb watching RafaelNadal playing tennis Rahul Gandhi shouted 'Wah kya goal mara'. diggy said beta goal to kabaddi mein hota hai..
aparna @aparazzi
#YoRahulSoDumb:Meri ammi hain Itaali,Swiss me hai mere baap ka money,GF hai Afghaani,phir bhi log bolte main saala Hindustani @KiranKS
bhukkadbawarchi @mukuvacha
#YoRahulSoDumb tht he thinks he actually created a fake FB account in his own name :P
#YoRahulSoDumb Doubt on trafffic rules "Why do v drive on the left in India and right in the US, is it becse d steering is on the other side
Ankit Goyanka @_ankitG
#YoRahulSoDumb after reading these Tweets, he was calling Facebook founder, just to find why people are talking about him on LinkedIn ! :D
bhukkadbawarchi @mukuvacha
#YoRahulSoDumb he started practicing for 100mtrs race on PSP
Amit Agrawal @daksh666
#YoRahulSoDumb .he went to france to give french kiss! Lol
Amit Srivastava |🇮🇳 @AmiSri
#YoRahulSoDumb He knew ' Man of the Match ' means a man with match box. ;)
Pranab Chaturvedi @pchaturved
when someone asked him to meet Richard Attonborough he touched his feet and said Mahatma Gandhi ki jai #YoRahulSoDumb @KiranKS
Chhayank Mehta @chhayank
@KiranKS #YoRahulSoDumb Rahul Gandhi thinks that movie Andaz Apna Apna is actually secular documetry on EGGS. Andaaz (Eggs) Apna Apna :)
Mohit Sharma @Matsharma
Good one :) RT @amitagra21: #YoRahulSoDumb .he went to france to give french kiss! Lol
Kiran Kumar S @KiranKS
#YoRahulSoDumb : Addressing college students he said: "Smoking is bad. It kills. If you die, you lose an important part of your life"
JeM!N Panchal - #MandirWahiBanayenge @jemin_p
#YoRahulSoDumb He actually thought Steve Jobs was a fruit seller specializing in selling apples and send request to jobs to sell mangoes
Sumit @_RKSumit
#YoRahulsoDumb He thinks APPLE owner Steve Jobs was a fruit seller @KiranKS
OrganicVegetable @Poori_Aalu
#YoRahulSoDumb that he thinks ANNA is some south indian guy.
Rahul Tiwari @R_Bhartiya
#YoRahulSoDumb that he use laptop infront of poor villagers to create effect @ShivSinghDESH
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