Ross Decker @RossDeckr
Julian Assange arrested. Bank of America to post bail.
So it seems that almost every "Top Tweet" is about Julian Assange being arrested in London. Really? Is that all there is?
Buenos Dias Florida @BDFNEWS
Good Morning dear Friends! Last minute: WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Arrested in London, England.
Phoebe Duquette @Pheebje
Julian Assange has been arrested in London. Doesn't stop wikileaks, if you ask me.
Maria Grineva @mariagrineva
was surprised to know Julian Assange was arrested over *rape* case...
Asma Sharafi @AsmaSharafi
Wow that's pretty sad. What'd they convict him of? "@rurutweets: Founder of #wikileaks Julian Assange got arrested in London today.."
Adam Sadowski @asadowski
They got him - wonder what they'll do with him. WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Arrested in London: http://on.mash.to/gnQhYP
Kevin Cleary @FLS_Carnage
Hey everyone they arrested Julian Assange.
Waseem Akhtar @_Waseem_
At one hand @wikileaks founder #Julian #Assange got arrested in London and on the other he leads @TIME 1010 Person of the Year.
(((Mark Campbell))) @MrWordsWorth
Julian Assange arrested while taking a leak. Film at 11.
Mark Pesce @mpesce
"Assange Arrested" is trending on Twitter. Because, you know, #Wikileaks never did. #thisgameisrigged


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