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[BREAKING NEWS] Rekaman Situasi Ledakan Bom Terjadi di Daerah Wisata Sultanahmet Istanbul, Turki #PrayForTurkey


Baru saja terjadi, ledakan bom di daerah wisata Sultanahmet Square di Istanbul Turki

URL CNN Istanbul: Explosion in central square kills at least 10 - An explosion rocked a central square in Istanbul on Tuesday, killing at least 10 people and wounding 15 others, the Istanbul governor's office said.
Michael A. Horowitz @michaelh992

#Breaking multiple injuries reported following explosion at Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul #Turkey

12/01/2016 15:37:00 WIB
norb alm @norbalm

Explosion in #Istanbul at Sultanahmet square, a major tourist attraction several injured. #Turkey

12/01/2016 15:42:18 WIB
Mustafa @MustafaHameed

An explosion in #Sultanahmet Square in #Istanbul has injured several people, per Turkish media. #Turkey

12/01/2016 15:42:01 WIB
Michael A. Horowitz @michaelh992

Sirens heard after the explosion near the Sultanahmet mosque #Turkey

12/01/2016 15:43:21 WIB

ledakan tersebut terjadi di daerah yang menjadi pusat wisatawan

H. Sumeri @IraqiSecurity

GRAPHIC: Image from the scene of the explosion in #Sultanahmet Square in #Istanbul, #Turkey. Next to the Obelisk.

12/01/2016 16:46:19 WIB
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Onlinemagazin @OnlineMagazin

Explosion in historic center of #Sultanahmet in #Istanbul. Hotel is on fire ... #Turkey

12/01/2016 16:49:46 WIB
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euronews @euronews

[Happening Now] Police secure the area after an explosion in central Istanbul, Turkey (© REUTERS/OsmanOrsal)

12/01/2016 16:34:27 WIB
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5sos old tweets // back & rebranding! @oldtweetsof5sos

Please keep Turkey in your prayers,there has been a terrorist explosion and at least 10 died #PrayForTurkey

12/01/2016 17:55:07 WIB
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Semoga cepat kondusif dan tidak terjadi lagi ya


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