Kita biasa melihat gedung-gedung 'normal', tapi Victor Enrich yang kerja sebagai ilustrator arsitek 3D jenuh dengan pekerjaannya sehingga ia menciptakan image-image ini :

leia de hun🌺 @travelwithliya
Victor Enrich is an architectural photographer after which uses photoshop to visualise a new pov on his photo. 🏢 pic.twitter.com/SlsdHUk0uX
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Вне зоны действия @portal_v02
Причудливая архитектура Автор Victor Enrich dlvr.it/DDNvJL pic.twitter.com/Ju5os5BptN
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Designer Daily @designerdaily
Victor Enrich creates surprising manipulated cityscapes buff.ly/1Szbw19 pic.twitter.com/IQUAZa1t68
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Mau lihat desain yang lain, bisa cek link ini :

URL Bored Panda After Closing My Business I Can Finally Create Impossible Buildings Without Clients Limiting My Imagination These series of pictures are the result of a 7 year long journey that brought me to countries such as Latvia, Israel and Germany. The story begins in the summer of 2006, a crucial date in my life, because after 2 years of deep thinking, I finally decided

Awas jangan ketipu, ini semua cuma efek 3D ya :)


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