#SLPsnQs Workload and Decisions

Discussion the week of Oct 31-Nov 4 about caseload admit criteria and job satisfaction.
CURE disease
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
#SLPeeps How does your workplace determine eligibility for service? Are there diffs for dysphagia, artic, language, stroke, etc #SLPsnQs
Mary @MTMarySLP
@SLPTanya guidelines by Dept. of Ed. Students must have teacher report, 2 stand. tests, & observ. to show educational need #SLPsnQs
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
@mtmarySLP isn't there a severity requirement in the tests? #SLPsnQs
Mary @MTMarySLP
@SLPTanya yes. They are given "points" dependent on severity. Must have X number of points to qualify. Usually mod/severe #SLPsnQs
Prof Bronwyn Hemsley @BronwynHemsley
@SLPTanya clinic at uni take referrals having CE time available for supervision of clients to that level of complexity + student need
Tara Roehl @SpeechyKeenSLP
@SLPTanya we only do pragmatic work at the private practice where I work -- eligible just by demo'ing need. #lovetheprivatesector #slpsnQs
Jen @SewingSLP
#SLPsnQs We determine eligibility based on clinical judgment (based in formal and informal ax)-- then ask insurance if they will cover tx
Speech Lady @SpeechLadyLisa
@SLPTanya (Preschools) 77 or below artic or lang. some clinical judgement (w/supervisor approval). (artic, pragmatics) #SLPsnQs
Speech Lady @SpeechLadyLisa
I need to remember to use my unlocked acct for #SLPsnQs
Stacie Attrill @SAttspeech
@SLPTanya yes dysphagia over (& to the detriment of) everything else #slpsnqs #adultslp
Sean Sweeney @SpeechTechie
@SLPTanya school-we do have cutoff scores for language, generally 2SD on CELF, SLPs given leeway to qualify for prags, narrative #slpsnqs
Sean Sweeney @SpeechTechie
@SLPTanya artic wise they don't go on IEP unless significant intelligibility issues, can service artic through informal program #slpsnqs
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
In Ontario school boards, SLPs have complete autonomy over who is admitted, given therapy, etc. Only consideration is caseload. #SLPsnQs
LauraBonazingaBouyea @_VTSLP
@SpeechTechie @SLPTanya We follow an RTI model where we try to employ the #educationalsupportteam prior to exploring #SPED services slpsnqs
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
#SLPeeps what are the most imp factors in determining job satisfaction? pay? workload? caseload? support? training? resources? #SLPsnQs
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
Today's #SLPsnQs is brought to you by @SpeechieLO thanks Lauren! Not sure what #SLPsnQs (SLPs and Qs) is all about? -> http://t.co/cMVYuxUD
Speech Lady @SpeechLadyLisa
@SLPTanya Workload, caseload ,support. Pay helps-but no support, don't like your case load, can't manage your workload-job sucks #SLPsnQs
@SLPTanya I find that I enjoy my experiences in SLP placements when I have #support from a supervisor/other professionals. #SLPsnQs
Heather Heaman @hheaman
@SLPTanya Flexibility (time) and variety (caseload, setting) biggest factors in job satisfaction. #SLPeeps #SLPsnQs
Vanessa Rogers @NesSLT
#SLPsnQs #slpeeps how do people feel about using "(object) please" rather than "I want (object) in PECS?! #controversial!
Daphne Goold @daphnegoold
@SLPTanya Oh geez, I'd say it's an equal mix of all of those, as well as how well you get along with the team #SLPsnQs
Joanne Schofield @SpeechPathAZ
@SLPTanya #slpeeps #slpsnqs All of the above, with most weight going to caseload. Turns out I love HS kids-Who knew? Couldn't be happier!
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