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#TechnologyAssessment, #Futurology, #Scenario

Technology Assessment, Futurology, Scenario
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Assessment Technologies Institute

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Assessment Technologies Institute

Kasiro @kasiro11

Last sat I sit at international conference on futurology. Some speaker from US. They predict and realize new situation just changing @ulil

23/10/2012 09:29:06 WIB
Mandau PK 52 @Mandau_PK52

@dinopattidjalal me, who should thank to the initiator of futurology. Thank for initiating such a great conference.

23/10/2012 17:25:47 WIB
Matt Alder @mattalder

@melhayes1 @sussexmatt @matthewjeffery maybe there should be some kind of futurology exam. I'd be happy to take it ;-)

24/10/2012 02:26:33 WIB
Aestikani Mahani @chubby_girly

Dimana dan kapan tuh kongresnya Kak ? @AnnisaPohan: International Conference on Futurology II http://t.co/QBmzQmUH

24/10/2012 09:13:24 WIB
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Hakan Ildiri @hakanildiri

#Futurology: Now, 30 years later, it all fits in your pocket >>> http://t.co/1usMuX3d

24/10/2012 14:06:03 WIB
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it depends @runforpleasure

Just in case you still need it, @friz_al >> Check out "International Conference on Futurology – II" http://t.co/FZO1P6AP via @eventbrite

24/10/2012 16:58:20 WIB

amor mundi: Against the Seduction of the Left by Reactionary Futurology via @mbauwens | @scoopit http://t.co/ZIVLrlgw

24/10/2012 17:58:37 WIB

Breathtaking abstract artworks by Futurology - See on Scoop.it - art and poetry Check out these beautiful... http://t.co/z4DNyzjF

24/10/2012 17:58:53 WIB
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