Signatures of gas giant formation in binary stars

The transcript of the 14th meeting of astronomy twitter journal club. The paper discussed was "Elemental abundance differences in the 16 Cygni binary system: a signature of gas giant planet formation?" -
astrojournalclub @astronomyjc

#astrojc is considering the signature of gas giant planet formation this Thurs, 20:10 GMT (as UK clocks have changed!):

02/11/2011 00:37:54 WIB
Kash Farooq @kashfarooq

@Matt_Burleigh Changing the subject...can you explain why tonight's #astroJC paper is interesting/cool? I'm missing something I think...

03/11/2011 18:16:07 WIB
Matthew R "Who Owns An Asteroid?" Francis @DrMRFrancis

Sorry, #astrojc -- desperately trying to finish a research paper, so I haven't had time to read anything. :-/

04/11/2011 03:04:10 WIB
astrojournalclub @astronomyjc

Hi everyone & welcome to the 14th meeting of #astrojc. Today's topic: signatures of gas giant formation

04/11/2011 03:08:45 WIB
John Gizis @johngizis

today's #astrojc topic looks good. Can differences between 16 Cyg A and B's metal content be linked to the formation of a gas giant planet?

04/11/2011 03:09:42 WIB
astrojournalclub @astronomyjc

Is anyone around? Not sure how this is going to go - there didn't seem to be much interest in the paper earlier in the week #astrojc

04/11/2011 03:09:44 WIB
astrojournalclub @astronomyjc

@johngizis Do you know much about the subject? What did you think of the paper? #astrojc

04/11/2011 03:13:04 WIB
astrojournalclub @astronomyjc

Does anyone have any thoughts on the paper or the topic? Could metal depletion be a new way to infer the presence of a planet? #astrojc

04/11/2011 03:17:13 WIB
Ken Rice @ExoKenRice

@astronomyjc Problem seems to be that gas giant planet hosts tend to be metal rich. #astrojc

04/11/2011 03:19:43 WIB
Ken Rice @ExoKenRice

@astronomyjc Metal rich stars that form planets being slightly less metal rich than those that don't doesn't seem like a viable id #astrojc

04/11/2011 03:13:29 WIB
astrojournalclub @astronomyjc

@wikimir Does that mean that 16 Cyg B is unusual for showing a depletion? #astrojc

04/11/2011 03:21:46 WIB
astrojournalclub @astronomyjc

@wikimir So the conclusion of the paper isn't a new way to find planets, more an insight into how they might form #astrojc

04/11/2011 03:23:13 WIB
Ken Rice @ExoKenRice

@astronomyjc No, still metal-rich compared to solar. B just slightly depleted compared to A #astrojc

04/11/2011 03:24:18 WIB
Ken Rice @ExoKenRice

@astronomyjc That's how I would interpret it. Although hard to concentrate with a 7-yr old climbing all over me #astrojc

04/11/2011 03:24:57 WIB
astrojournalclub @astronomyjc

Ok, since there's not much interest in this paper does anyone have any good paper suggestions for future meetings? #astrojc

04/11/2011 03:31:26 WIB
astrojournalclub @astronomyjc

MT @johngizis: I'm afraid I don't. I do know that some T Tauri stars accretion hotspots show a deficiency in Si in the UV #astrojc

04/11/2011 03:34:56 WIB
Ken Rice @ExoKenRice

@johngizis Is there a possible reason - other than planet formation - for the deficiency #astrojc

04/11/2011 03:36:06 WIB
Awesome_Ph @Awesome_Ph

Sorry, I drop in a little late, see we are on topics to discuss in the future? #astrojc

04/11/2011 03:41:36 WIB
Matthew R "Who Owns An Asteroid?" Francis @DrMRFrancis

#astrojc Is there a good paper about the model predicting 5 jovian planets in early Solar System, with one being ejected?

04/11/2011 03:42:19 WIB
astrojournalclub @astronomyjc

@MarcelAstroph That and the paper discussion is getting going a little more now #astrojc

04/11/2011 03:43:46 WIB
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