Da #HipHopEd Rewind: Do You See What I C ? The Impact of Systematic Oppression

#HipHopEd weekly twitter chat on 12.15.15 was "Do You See What I C ? The Impact of Systematic Oppression". Visit #HipHopEd's website for more information at www.hiphoped.com Read More
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

Welcome 2 #HipHopEd tonight we are discussing the impact of systemic oppression & what can be the HH & Edu response

09/12/2015 09:00:14 WIB
sam seidel (he/him) @husslington

weekly #HipHopEd chat starts now. tonight discussing: systems of oppression. how do they affect us/our students? how can #HipHopEd address?

09/12/2015 09:00:13 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

We want 2 look at the clear differences in just last few weeks of how people of color are treated around the world #HipHopEd

09/12/2015 09:01:26 WIB
Amil Cook @amilcook

#HipHopEd(ucators) are necessary to help students navigate Hate & Xenophobic Speech spewing from Trump et al's...combating media bias daily

09/12/2015 09:02:13 WIB
Tina Khan @mizzteacha

@tdj6899 HH culture was birth as, and continues to be a resistance to system oppression. #HipHopEd

09/12/2015 09:02:34 WIB
Words Beats & Life @WordsBeatsLife

#HipHopEd Seems like one of the questions is what is the true role of an education in a society?

09/12/2015 09:02:43 WIB
Anti-Fascist AWK @AWKWORDrap

People of all colors are lost on SYSTEMIC #racism. 'Pull yourself up from the boot straps', a NY State Sen. told me in '02... #HipHopEd

09/12/2015 09:03:07 WIB
Ian P. Levy Ed.D @Ianplevy

stereotypical perceptions of Muslims r indicative of a poor habit embedded in American worldview: Judge groups by individual behav #HipHopEd

09/12/2015 09:03:52 WIB
Words Beats & Life @WordsBeatsLife

#HipHopEd Most people would argue a western education is about employment and training, not reason, compassion and the lives we live.

09/12/2015 09:04:12 WIB
Ian P. Levy Ed.D @Ianplevy

@WordsBeatsLife word! And how can we challenge what educators/education looks like #HipHopEd

09/12/2015 09:04:46 WIB
Anti-Fascist AWK @AWKWORDrap

POC cannot be "racist" against me, even if they hate my color (and INHERENT privelege)... #HipHopEd

09/12/2015 09:05:00 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

The challenge 4 some Educators is teaching the laws that say that we are all equal while the headlines say otherwise #HipHopEd

09/12/2015 09:05:25 WIB
Jon Balcerak @JonBalcerak

One of the problems w not recognizing systemic racism is that students in history class are taught that racism ended in the 60s. #HipHopEd

09/12/2015 09:05:35 WIB
Words Beats & Life @WordsBeatsLife

#HipHopEd We know that Trump voters have something in common with the first generation of hip-hopes, nostalgia.

09/12/2015 09:06:07 WIB
Kevin L. Parker @KamauKuumba

We have to innerstand, racism & injustice is America. It'll never change, but we as a people can unite & empower w/in this system #hiphoped

09/12/2015 09:06:26 WIB
Anti-Fascist AWK @AWKWORDrap

There's an entire system designed to maintain the status quo, constructed from #imperialism and #slavery... #HipHopEd

09/12/2015 09:06:38 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

Character development is not a competency that is taught & valued in our school systems #HipHopEd

09/12/2015 09:06:42 WIB
Tem Tem @HeartOfAChamp_T

As misguided as Hip Hop can be, it's also home to some of the most critical literary works. #HipHopEd

09/12/2015 09:06:44 WIB
Christopher Emdin @chrisemdin

The first step in addressing systemic bias is vigorously fighting the narrative that we live in a post-racial era #HipHopEd

09/12/2015 09:06:59 WIB
Tina Khan @mizzteacha

Today Russell Simmons wrote a critical letter to Trump regarding his racism and islamophobia. That's #hiphopED globalgrind.com/2015/12/08/don…

09/12/2015 09:07:14 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

There is a stark difference being teaching tolerance & teaching through a lens of respect & understanding #HipHopEd

09/12/2015 09:07:26 WIB
Words Beats & Life @WordsBeatsLife

#HipHopEd if we only see the ignorant as other, we can never actually understand or engage. We will only talk past each other if @all

09/12/2015 09:07:26 WIB
FlowStoryATX @FlowStoryATX

I think that #HipHopEd can emphasize the simultaneous looking inward and outward to help address oppressive practices. #accountability

09/12/2015 09:07:34 WIB
Raphael Travis Jr. @raptjr

I think that #HipHopEd can emphasize the simultaneous looking inward and outward to help address oppressive practices. #accountability

09/12/2015 09:07:34 WIB
Tem Tem @HeartOfAChamp_T

Hip hop/rap uses individual stories and experiences to dismantle stereotypes and misconceptions #HipHopEd

09/12/2015 09:07:44 WIB
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