Dec 8th 2015 #MGiechat: Taboos in middle grade books

Should taboo subjects be allowed in children's books, and how should it be handled? What is taboo anyway? Sex? Swearing? Violence? Death?
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Mary McCauley @MMProofreading
Thanks @ERMurray. I enjoyed my first #MGieChat. Nice bunch and interesting contributions. I'll be back for next one.…
The Catchpole Agency @peachjamcloset
@TamsinCooke1 Tbh so are we - forgotten, but it's there! Chance book not cat as MG (MC 11?) #MGiechat @orandoyler @JMitchellwriter @ERMurray
Ningel Bells @Nigellicus
@helenclarkjones I think I'll steal the six-yr-old's. Had Dr Who blaring in my ear all the way through #MGiechat
Ningel Bells @Nigellicus
@TamsinCooke1 @orandoyler Yeah, and a lot of MG are feeling their way to independent reading, developing tastes and preferences.#MGiechat
Oran Doyle @orandoyler
@TamsinCooke1 @Nigellicus #mgiechat Yeah, so if clear what the book's dealing with and supported in reading it then why not deal with them?
Tamsin Cooke @TamsinCooke1
@orandoyler @Nigellicus And each child will have their own set of taboos... or preferences on what they want to read #MGiechat
Ningel Bells @Nigellicus
@ERMurray Hang on, going to pretend it's still going on so I can get another #
Olivia Hope @OliviaMHope
@ERMurray Thanks, your majesty. Sorry I was late, I have a note from me Mam. Very clever and interesting people on #MGieChat tonight x
Niamh Garvey @msniamhgarvey
Thanks for another great #MGiechat @ERMurray . Happy Christmas MG chatters!! Until 2016 xx
Ningel Bells @Nigellicus
@helenclarkjones Everything's fine, I got a cup of tea! Though now I want another one. #MGiechat
Oran Doyle @orandoyler
@Nigellicus #mgiechat totally makes sense, am wondering though if I really know what a 11 year old's actual taboos are and might write down.
Oisin McGann @OisinMcGann
My dad (a psychologist) once told me you had to save your swearing for when it would have the best effect. I do try. #MGieChat
Oran Doyle @orandoyler
#mgiechat Well that's all. That was my first mgiechat and a pleasure it was indeed. Thanks a lot for organising @ERMurray
Ningel Bells @Nigellicus
@orandoyler I think people prefer not to smash things at the MG age range. YA, set phasers on full, MG not so much.#mgiechat
Helen Clark Jones @helenclarkjones
*screeches in thru door* *crashes in front of laptop* *catches #MGiechat curtain call* :-(…
ElizabethRose Murray @ERMurray
And it's a wrap folks! I'll post an overview of the chat asap :) #MGiechat
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