Foto-foto Kesalahan Desain Toilet Yang Maksa Banget

andrew @andhwang

Guests at new Berlin hotel can be seen on the toilet from the street due to design fail…

30/07/2014 00:36:29 WIB
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Gregory M. White @gregorymwhite31

RT… A plumbing #fail to make you laugh this Friday! What came first ... the toilet or the …

16/10/2015 20:28:44 WIB
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Douglas Orr Plumbing @OrrPlumbing

We don't think that's the best place to put the toilet paper. LOL #plumbing #fail #humor

06/04/2015 19:26:21 WIB
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🤐 @Jihadinu

#Fail 😳 It's embarrassing to use that toilet 😳🙈

01/03/2015 04:01:55 WIB
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Traded Up Jobs @tradedup

We know #tradespeople like #toilet humour. Someone did a crappy job with this installation. #fail

01/03/2015 04:48:27 WIB
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