Royal Accommodation in Ireland

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The twitterverse talking about their stays and experiences at a hotel in Dublin.

Randy Mets @MisterMets82
Only one more night to go and then i will be staying at the @Radisson Royal in Dublin. Really looking forward to that! #Dublin
Stonelaughter Flutes @StoneysFlutes
@holibuddy LOL where in Ireland? The radisson st helens south of Dublin is fantastic but might be nowhere near your plans?
Stacey Smith @StaceInspire
Yay! Free Wi-Fi. Having a drink in Radisson Dublin with @injectingadvice @INEF @Kevincundy and others @hiwecanhelp where are you??
Josh Howell @Josh__FTM
@Radisson stayed@ the golden lane in dublin last week in the presidential suite, it was amazing! I am recomending it 2 everyone #rebooking!
Segway Tours @GlideTours
I'm at Radisson Blu Royal Hotel (Golden Lane, Dublin)


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