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This is a livetweet-portrait of a young American girl working and living by minimum wage; working and living to be an artist, at a specific kind of turning point. Unsolicited, from the mouth of a babe, truly yours. Right now. whitebreadbox@carbocopia
whitebreadbox @carbocopia

i'm really out of sorts today, or can't you tell? #chocolatemuffintime

15/10/2012 21:31:00 WIB
whitebreadbox @carbocopia

"sorry!"/"thank you!"/"thank you, i'm sorry!" = the only things i say, when compassion and politeness are capital, and need of muffin isn't

15/10/2012 21:34:00 WIB
whitebreadbox @carbocopia

obese man just ordered the largest size of our sugariest drink. as i rang him up he said dryly, "let's not be coy. give me extra fudge." #HA

15/10/2012 22:14:00 WIB
whitebreadbox @carbocopia

i'm the only white worker here. our guests are mostly white. we call guests "sir/ma'am." my coworkers call me "ma'am." #race #myfirstdayhere

16/10/2012 00:20:00 WIB
whitebreadbox @carbocopia

i slept on the floor last night between boxes and bare walls. can't unpack yet. making my room nice feels #dishonest. i know i live in #hell

16/10/2012 19:57:14 WIB
whitebreadbox @carbocopia

"in training," but no one's instructing me. language barrier? (most coworkers=spanish-speakers.) or i'm being #shunned. will figure it out

16/10/2012 21:35:01 WIB
whitebreadbox @carbocopia

coworker loudly vocalizing "lazy," repeatedly, to anyone who will hear. i'm sure she's referring to me. #shunned

16/10/2012 22:46:00 WIB
whitebreadbox @carbocopia

dude approached me asking me what i can do with his half empty coffee cup. there are well-marked trash cans everywhere. #privilege #service

17/10/2012 00:16:00 WIB
whitebreadbox @carbocopia

i was just informed i am not allowed to take sick days. #power #privilege

17/10/2012 02:50:00 WIB
whitebreadbox @carbocopia

bedroom still lies as vomited straight from my #subconscious. physical manifestation of psyche (deflated air mattress) makes my back #hurt.

17/10/2012 18:55:01 WIB
whitebreadbox @carbocopia

well, $25 for an air mattress pump (read: comfortable bed) is something i'm still debating about being "worth it"

17/10/2012 18:56:00 WIB
whitebreadbox @carbocopia

WEDNESDAY A.M. and i just #overheard a businesswoman lament how #drunk she is. #privilege?

17/10/2012 22:18:00 WIB
whitebreadbox @carbocopia

three coworkers just asked me why i work here. #really? can't imagine anyone works here unless they must/it's the BEST option. #minimumwage

17/10/2012 22:34:00 WIB
whitebreadbox @carbocopia

i'm only able to eat because there's always free food at this job. i can't afford to feed myself #money #class #dailybread

17/10/2012 22:38:02 WIB
whitebreadbox @carbocopia

on good days i feel like a #gypsy or a #cowboy. on bad days i feel #lowerclass and #proletarian

17/10/2012 22:42:00 WIB
whitebreadbox @carbocopia


18/10/2012 00:18:01 WIB
whitebreadbox @carbocopia

on the bus home. overheard a college girl talking at length about an embarrassing facebook photo, and i got really upset #firstworldproblems

18/10/2012 05:36:00 WIB
whitebreadbox @carbocopia

i #dreamed i lived in a grey place full of ruins where CGI biddies strolled with #starbucks cups, laughing, like it was a park, and safe

18/10/2012 17:06:00 WIB
whitebreadbox @carbocopia

SHOCK i behold a familiar nice/rich/white/dad type, judge him relatable, smile readily, speak--and he quickly averts his eyes. i am floored.

18/10/2012 22:35:52 WIB
whitebreadbox @carbocopia

MOST guests, well-dressed businesspeople, look down when i talk to them. it's awful. it IS my station, right? #power #shunned #powershunned

18/10/2012 22:37:01 WIB
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