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The Road to Home (trailer) - documentary about Benny Wenda (Dancing Turt... via @YouTube

24/11/2015 11:48:21 WIB
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Pak @jokowi @Pak_JK Papua sebagai daerah binaan jakarta sudah siap mau merdeka, kenapa kebebasan papua dibelengu?

16/11/2015 09:11:49 WIB
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⭐ΞKNPB PAPUA❌︻╦̵̵̿╤─ @KNPBPapua

ini yang benar tapi jgn pencitraan.. 12 tahun tapi 2 bulan sudh bebas ini tdk boleh…

16/11/2015 08:59:27 WIB
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the Morning Star: Civil Resistance in West Papua 0 retweets 0 likes

13/11/2015 09:39:16 WIB
⭐ΞKNPB PAPUA❌︻╦̵̵̿╤─ @KNPBPapua

West Papuan Independence leader reportedly tortured to death by the Indonesian police @FreeWestPapua…

13/11/2015 09:44:29 WIB
The Independent @Independent

Adele's mic feed from performance of 'Hello' on SNL is breathtaking

25/11/2015 13:03:04 WIB @nbulletin

How Nigerian Pastors Breed Corruption in Nigeria

25/11/2015 00:05:44 WIB
OSC @osc_medcom

Oh iya sebelum itu mimin mau ngucapin ulang tahun dulu nih buat @Metro_TV . Semoga bisa menjadi Tv no. 1 di Indonesia #15thMetroTV

25/11/2015 13:01:09 WIB
Edward Snowden @Snowden

"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it." -Mandela

25/11/2015 05:49:16 WIB
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Neusroom @Neusroom

It cannot be business as usual in Nigeria – Lai Mohammed

25/11/2015 11:52:18 WIB
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Malcolm Turnbull @TurnbullMalcolm

The answer to ending violence against women lies with all of us men leading by example #WhiteRibbonDay

25/11/2015 04:40:33 WIB
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