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Digital Destination Marketing For the Holidays

Ideas and tips for digital destination marketing and social media during the November, December, and January holiday season.
#tourismchat @tourismchat

It's #tourismchat day today! See you at 2pm Central to talk about digital destination marketing for the holidays.

19/11/2015 22:17:55 WIB
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#tourismchat @tourismchat

Welcome to today's #tourismchat about digital destination marketing for the holidays. Tell us your fave holiday season tradition!

20/11/2015 03:00:35 WIB
Lauren Cleland @wittyclevername

I've got The Boston Pops Orchestra's "Sleigh Ride" playing. I think that means I'm ready for today's #TourismChat on holiday marketing. 🎄

20/11/2015 03:01:42 WIB
#tourismchat @tourismchat

Don't forget to use the #tourismchat hashtag in each tweet. Dashboards & tools like @TweetChat & @Nurph can help.

20/11/2015 03:02:04 WIB
Tia Troy @MontanaTia

@tourismchat My fav holiday tradition is Christmas Eve with my (giant) family! #TourismChat

20/11/2015 03:02:19 WIB
Leland Sparkles @lelandstrott

Hi #tourismchat! My favorite holiday season tradition is baking cookies & watching White Christmas with my mama.

20/11/2015 03:02:33 WIB
Wonder Jana @WonderTravelers

We always make our own tree ornaments. It's a fun tradition that the whole family gets into. #tourismchat

20/11/2015 03:02:41 WIB
LauraBeth Strickland @lblyons

I'm Laura Beth from @VisitVicksburg and my favorite Christmas tradition is playing Canasta (cards) with all my family #tourismchat

20/11/2015 03:03:09 WIB
Lauren Cleland @wittyclevername

#TourismChat My favorite holiday tradition is eating all the things. DUH.

20/11/2015 03:03:25 WIB
#tourismchat @tourismchat

You guys have us humming seasonal songs already .... #tourismchat

20/11/2015 03:04:00 WIB
Kaitie Burger @KaitieBurger

Hello #tourismchat! Coming at you live from Bethlehem aka Christmas City, USA! We're kicking off our holiday season in full force.

20/11/2015 03:04:05 WIB
Tosha Daugherty @ToshaTD

Tosha from @visitmorganco here! My favorite holiday tradition is baking with my little one... and then eating the results! #tourismchat

20/11/2015 03:04:11 WIB
Anne Swoboda @WhosYourAnnie

#tourismchat Hi, I’m Anne. We’re creating new holiday traditions this year now that the baby is no longer a baby. <sniff sniff>

20/11/2015 03:05:06 WIB
LauraBeth Strickland @lblyons

My other favorite tradition is CRAZY Christmas SHOPPING with my sister-in-law- we fill my SUV with all kinds of things! #tourismchat

20/11/2015 03:05:21 WIB
Lauren Cleland @wittyclevername

That will be written on my tombstone. RT @tourismchat: ALL. OF. THE. FOOD. THINGS. #tourismchat

20/11/2015 03:05:32 WIB
#tourismchat @tourismchat

Here's Q1 - Do you find that it's hard to "rise above the noise" in Nov/Dec/Jan when marketing your destination/attraction? #tourismchat

20/11/2015 03:05:06 WIB
LauraBeth Strickland @lblyons

A1: Yes I do find it hard to "rise above the noise" but also think it's a great time to join in on the holiday CRAZE #tourismchat

20/11/2015 03:06:13 WIB
Leland Sparkles @lelandstrott

@tourismchat A1: I think so many places have similar events, it's an opportunity to showcase what's unique. Quirky stands out! #tourismchat

20/11/2015 03:06:15 WIB
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