#edchatie Number 72

A weekly discussion by Irish educators. This week's topic: "What should we expect from a digitally literate teacher? ", Mon 22nd October, 2012
Elaine Dobbyn @E_Dobbyn

Re digital literacy- I don't like to prescribe how a teacher should teach but I think school management should be dig literate 1/2 #edchatie

23/10/2012 02:20:00 WIB
fboss @fboss

10 minutes to tonights #edchatie -> "What should we expect from a digitally literate teacher?" -> don't forget to use the hashtag #edchatie

23/10/2012 02:21:14 WIB
Elaine Dobbyn @E_Dobbyn

I've seen some who don't even use email! As for teachers? What's being taught in the Dip these days?-was woeful when I did it! 2/2 #edchatie

23/10/2012 02:22:20 WIB
fboss @fboss

5 mins left until tonights #edchatie -> "What should we expect from a digitally literate teacher?" Share your thoughts

23/10/2012 02:26:28 WIB
Peter Lydon @peter_lydon

#edchatie Can we change that to 'What should we expect of a teacher?'?

23/10/2012 02:29:59 WIB

Any 'digitally literate' teacher should have some understanding of coding, whether that be Scratch, Java or anything in between #edchatie

23/10/2012 02:30:10 WIB
fboss @fboss

Welcome to tonight's #edchatie As usual, before we start, please introduce yourself-don't forget the hashtag so your tweets can be compiled

23/10/2012 02:30:20 WIB

If you say you are 'digitally literate', you should have some desire to know a little of how the works - basic coding knowledge. #edchatie

23/10/2012 02:31:07 WIB
Trevor Connolly @ConnollyTrevor

Over next hr I -discussing "What should we expect from a digitally literate teacher?" with Irish educators using #edchatie all free to join

23/10/2012 02:31:37 WIB
Peter Lydon @peter_lydon

#edchatie Peter Lydon - the Truth is a Lemon Meringue!

23/10/2012 02:31:45 WIB
fboss @fboss

Fred Boss, art teacher now working in teacher CPD in ICT so an interesting chat tonight on #edchatie

23/10/2012 02:31:54 WIB
John Heffernan @johnmayo

@computing_teach #edchatie I would agree that every teacher would benefit with a bit of html knowledge

23/10/2012 02:32:13 WIB
Dan Charlton @DanJCharlton

Evenin' all, Dan here in Mayo, just popping in for a quick chat! (Primary) #edchatie

23/10/2012 02:32:23 WIB
Laurence Cuffe @CuffeL

@fboss #edchatie Laurence Cuffe Adult and second chance math teacher with wicklow VEC

23/10/2012 02:32:28 WIB

Oops, forgot intro - Clarke in Coleraine. Fan of Comp Science and open source. Blogging about teaching at: http://t.co/RnUgHGNn #edchatie

23/10/2012 02:32:46 WIB
Peter Lydon @peter_lydon

#edchatie Peter Lydon Gifted education specialist, ICT nut who actually likes computers!

23/10/2012 02:32:56 WIB
Conor Power @conpower

#edchatie Conor, second level, computer science, history etc etc.

23/10/2012 02:32:57 WIB
Dermot Donnelly-Hermosillo @dfdonn

Dermot Donnelly, postdoctoral researcher interested in technology for science education. #edchatie

23/10/2012 02:33:09 WIB
John Heffernan @johnmayo

#edchatie John in Mayo- was asked this by a teacher who has yet to join twitter

23/10/2012 02:33:56 WIB
fboss @fboss

So, "What should we expect from a digitally literate teacher?" - your thoughts please for tonight's #edchatie

23/10/2012 02:33:59 WIB
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