Lahir beragama Kristen, Susan Carland yang sekarang muslim sering menerima tweet 'tak ramah' dari yang tidak menyukai keputusannya itu. Ia mencoba berbagai cara menghadapinya, sampai akhirnya ia memutuskan untuk beramal 1 Dollar tiap kali ia menerima tweet2 tersebut. Uang yang terkumpul hingga 1000 Dollar
Dr Susan Carland @SusanCarland
I donate $1 to @UNICEF for each hate-filled tweet I get from trolls. Nearly at $1000 in donations. The needy children thank you, haters! 😎
Dr Susan Carland @SusanCarland
Genuine haters,I'll keep sending $1 to @unicefaustralia for each hate tweet you send,cos the world needs more light!
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Dr Susan Carland @SusanCarland
Friends, feel free to donate directly to @unicefaustralia - you don't need to send me fake hate for them to get $ & you can donate yrselves!
Unicef Australia berterima kasih dengan sumbangan Susan
UNICEF Australia @unicefaustralia
@SusanCarland Thanks for your support! You've turned hate into something wonderful: education, health care and protection for kids.
UNICEF Australia @unicefaustralia
.@SusanCarland is turning tweets of hate into something wonderful for kids, and so can you…
UNICEF Australia @unicefaustralia
Why a flood of abuse inspired @SusanCarland to do something amazingly positive for children
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Jadi perhatian media
Bored Panda @boredpanda
This Muslim Woman Donates $1 To UNICEF For Every Hate Tweet She Receives:… @SusanCarland
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Aksi Susan ini mendapat perhatian positif dari netizen
Michael Newsome @NewsomeTwin2
Serious respect and thanks to @SusanCarland for choosing children over hate. Beautiful thinking.
David Yarrow @DavidYarrow
@SusanCarland respect to Susan for dignity in the face of bad behaviour
سعد @desissaad
You are such an inspiration. Always enlightening to hear your views @SusanCarland
Gerard @gstzombie
@SusanCarland no hate from me! So I'll donate to @UNICEF myself instead :)
Catherine Gleeson @CathGleeson
@SusanCarland I'll throw in $100 for @UNICEF and one nice tweet: you're awesome.
Jessica Carter @jkcsays
Hi @SusanCarland just heard how you're turning Twitter hate into IRL love. All power to you! What a way to put those trolls in their place 😊
kevin armstrong @kw8xi8
@SusanCarland @UNICEF I'll match your donations to UNICEF (to $2,000). Please let me know the final amount.
Namun tetap mendapat pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang agak tak nyaman
Angry Aunty @AuntyNeville664
@SusanCarland @UNICEF What are your views on the excess of 25,000 deadly Islamic terror attacks since 9/11?
Angry Aunty @AuntyNeville664
Do you support LGBTI rights and #marriageequality or the rights of the religious ideology that executes gays? @SusanCarland @UNICEF
Damien Spillane @dspillane1
@SusanCarland @UNICEF What's ur definition of hate? Actually telling the truth about what Islam teaches & their history? Lot's of hate there
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