From #Oxjam to #Oxfam

So many people are getting involved this year and the events are getting better too. A win-win situation. Oxjam is all about music for charity. It should take place more often throughout the year.
Tolputt Keeton @Tolputt_Keeton

Brilliant turn out for Oxjam Tamworth and an awesome event - well done to all the musicians and organisers. #Oxjam

31/10/2011 16:12:34 WIB
Oxjam Chorleywood @OxjamCW

RT @OxjamFestival: October is really coming to an end.... But there is still time to get to an Oxjam event... Get involved and find one near you!

31/10/2011 15:05:55 WIB
Kelly @KellyOneill95

had a pretty awesome night with @HattieLofthouse and @RPaynerx at oxjam watching @TomLawMusic and some other artists and having a boogie :)x

31/10/2011 06:18:33 WIB
Tom Joseph Law @tomjosephlaw

Just came off stage at Bath Oxjam...! Sooooo much fun :D sold a load of CDs with money going to Oxfam :) xxx

31/10/2011 05:12:14 WIB


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