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The 13 Genders

wint @dril

im pretty sure that when we find out how to get in the 4th dimension there will be like 8 diferent genders to choose from

29/11/2010 13:51:17 WIB

.@dril Imagine A World Where Each Character In Oceans 13 Represents a Gender. Resist Nafta & WE CAN DO THIS, PEOPLE!! #The13Genders

29/11/2010 13:55:54 WIB

A ghost town, lone feature in a barren expanse. A crow alights on a dead tree, opening its beak: to you, traveler, it explains #The13Genders

29/11/2010 14:02:32 WIB

1st Gender: TREE-LASS. Lumbering dancer made of timber: durable, timeless ... combustible? Eyes of knots, love is among #The13Genders

29/11/2010 14:05:33 WIB

2nd Gender: TEMPESTIANS. They are born OCEAN. Slacks fit ill or not at all on their water legs, an ignored demographic. Fie! #The13Genders

29/11/2010 14:07:53 WIB

3rd Gender: REVERSE MEN. Not what you were expecting, ah! Their weeners are perfect discs. On these discs sit All-Earth. #The13Genders

29/11/2010 14:11:02 WIB

4th Gender: BRONZOS. Heroes of the day. Their pinchor claws shine with exuberance and grace! Jealousy among the other genders #The13Genders

29/11/2010 14:13:05 WIB

5th Gender: SKYDONIANS. The perfect gender. Live on clouds, reproduce by interrupting one another's recollections of dining. #The13Genders

29/11/2010 14:15:11 WIB

6th Gender: CYBER-SAINTS. Here's a hot number! Run the network while you get a hackjob ... gestation period of zero? Wow!! #The13Genders

29/11/2010 14:18:02 WIB

7th Gender: BREAD. One day everyone was finally brave enough to admit they had sex with bread. And bread admitted it liked it. #The13Genders

29/11/2010 14:22:43 WIB

8th Gender: DARK ELFS. The Dark Elfs retreated from the Apokat Event & moved to the caves. Their lean torsos tell secrets ... #The13Genders

29/11/2010 14:24:11 WIB

9th Gender: SILVER SURFERS. Proud stalwarts marched upon the capitals of earth for their right to do Sex. "Surfs Up" #The13Genders

29/11/2010 14:25:31 WIB

10th Gender: AETHERAS. Have you ever had a kiss from the firmament of reality? Luminous as heck ...! Just dont smoke after :< #The13Genders

29/11/2010 14:27:32 WIB

11th Gender: BUSINESSI. Looking smart in a suit. Red ink, black ink, whatever ... Put 'er there, pal: we're in this together! #The13Genders

29/11/2010 14:29:27 WIB

12th Gender: GRACE-MEMORY. The scattering of all drops of a forgotten fluid. Collect it all into a jar, ah! Bottoms up, gender #The13Genders

29/11/2010 14:31:12 WIB

13th Gender: GLORY GOLEMS. Steel towers, reproduce by forever voiding of 2 of their 7 senses. One is like smell, but for time. #The13Genders

29/11/2010 14:33:19 WIB

The crow, silent in the dead tree. This is life, the planet will never forget, and you hold your gross dick in your gay hand. #The13Genders

29/11/2010 14:37:30 WIB