TwetLEAKS: Erdogan -2 by @fuatavnieng

Fuat Avni Eng @FuatAvniEng

1. Members of the judiciary who will be part of the election fraud arrived at the palace.

01/11/2015 19:41:30 WIB
Fuat Avni Eng @FuatAvniEng

2. Erdogan ordered Kenan Ipek and Fahri Kasirga to find these names. They were working on these lists for months.

01/11/2015 19:41:49 WIB
Fuat Avni Eng @FuatAvniEng

3. Because Erdogan does not trust anyone he was keeping this list secret. I could get my hand on some part of the list. Thanks to Kasirga.

01/11/2015 19:42:07 WIB
Fuat Avni Eng @FuatAvniEng

4. I will reveal some names for now. But everyone, especially palace's judges, beware that I forwarded the names to certain people.

01/11/2015 19:43:21 WIB
Fuat Avni Eng @FuatAvniEng

5. The list includes loyalists of Perincek and Agar, who said they're ready to lend any support to the AKP. Dark alliance.

01/11/2015 19:44:00 WIB
Fuat Avni Eng @FuatAvniEng

6. Entire Turkey now will know one part of the list besides Erdogan, Kasirga and Ipek. You won't be able to steal votes.

01/11/2015 19:44:36 WIB
Fuat Avni Eng @FuatAvniEng

8. Thief judges! See the list. Every one of your lists are in my hands. I will reveal them when the time is right. Only little left.

01/11/2015 19:46:00 WIB
Hadi Elis @hadi_elis

Erdogan violating law of the President, constitution and electoral law #AKPElectionFrauds…

01/11/2015 21:37:32 WIB
Hadi Elis @hadi_elis

During transportation of votes, two boards members will not be allowed to get on board. #AKPElectionFrauds…

01/11/2015 21:38:58 WIB
Hadi Elis @hadi_elis

Presiding officers will change stamped, signed, coded blank protocols in AKP's favor #AKPElectionFrauds…

01/11/2015 21:40:46 WIB
Վարուժան @JanVaroujan

@FuatAvniEng @Eurotopie Fuat Avni is a twittos with useful news. It would be better if he had a blog and regroup 16 tweets in one article.

01/11/2015 20:58:26 WIB
Hadi Elis @hadi_elis

AKP violating Electoral law Polling station officials were given lawyers' phone numbers (expecting problems?)…

01/11/2015 21:43:51 WIB
bee hive @manatrue

R @FuatAvniEng 1. #Erdogan demanded martial law in polling stations. For those who observe the vote counting he just said "Kick them out."

01/11/2015 22:00:12 WIB