Back to basics with #family #holidays

A few years back, teenagers wanted to go away on their own. Nowadays, sharing that moment with the family is popular again.
hoa @hgngo

Never going to give up any holidays with my family anymore. It's important to my wellbeing and happiness.

03/11/2015 19:15:57 WIB
it's just a jump to the left @QWxiZXJ0byBSYW1

@QualityNinja dads all give me that same warning. Maybe we'll just rent. You know for holidays (excl. Xmas) and access to family only events

03/11/2015 19:00:21 WIB
paul elian @spte1905

@LaurenDawnFox29 I love them too Lauren! Love Holidays and being with my family! That's what it's all about! Loved your response!

03/11/2015 18:19:52 WIB
Staying together for family holidays is something special

In the past, children wanted to go somewhere on their own. Avoiding the parents' cell because they were not "cool enough".

Maybe this is due to the recent recession and financial difficulties faced by families that teenagers are happy to hang around with Mum and Dad?

Sharing fun pictures on social media is truly a trend and trying to get as many "likes" or even attempting a viral retweet may be on the cards.

Everyone is after a good deal and affordable breaks even if just for a short stay. It is about quality time too.

Holiday parks are becoming again a popular destination.

Services can be as good as a four star hotel.

Usually there is a swimming pool, restaurant(s), retail store and more of those family holiday parks are dog friendly - because it is all about the family (and their pets).

In general, those parks are nearby a city/town/village but set in the middle of the countryside; to please everyone, there can be fishing lakes on the estate, which gives something different to do and could be the subject of a challenge/competition between holiday makers.

So, a winner from start to finish and no need to spend all savings to share a moment of fun.

Jane Cox @JaneCox_PT

Family holidays are an important sector of UK tourism, accounting for more than one-third of holidays taken and worth £13 billion annually.

03/11/2015 17:20:14 WIB


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