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#Egypt: #FreeAlaa #NoScaf

What has changed after #Jan25, and what hasn't. I'm overwhelmed. UPDATE: The Guardian published a news story on this by @hackneylad:
Mona Seif @Monasosh

@alaa refused 2give mil prosecution legitimacy,we r agnst mil trials of civilians &he refused 2 answer their questions,got 15 days detention

30/10/2011 19:40:39 WIB
Wael Ghonim 🦅 @Ghonim

لازم نعرّف الناس إن علاء وبهاء واللي زيهم حتى لو اختلفت معاهم كانوا بيحاربوا القمع من سنين وإن شجاعتهم سبب في اللي احنا وصلناله #FreeAlaa

30/10/2011 19:45:06 WIB
Georgia Popplewell @georgiap

RT @NickKristof Courage to the brave blogger @alaa, detained for defying the repressive #Egypt military. #FreeAlaa

30/10/2011 21:27:55 WIB
حسام الحملاوي @3arabawy

New post: #FreeAlaa Freedom for Alaa الحرية لعلاء .. الحرية للثوار

30/10/2011 21:40:33 WIB
حسام الحملاوي @3arabawy

Down with the Corrupt SCAF يسقط المجلس العسكري الفاسد عدو الثورة الأول

30/10/2011 22:40:43 WIB
حسام الحملاوي @3arabawy

Egypt military detains activist over clashes - lawyer | Reuters #FreeAlaa

31/10/2011 00:21:25 WIB
Lara Setrakian @Lara

The political ripple of #FreeAlaa: more, louder voices in #Egypt saying its military rulers are no better than Mubarak's regime.

31/10/2011 00:33:38 WIB
Daily News Egypt @DailyNewsEgypt

Tahrir Doctors, rights groups at odds over alleged torture victim #essamatta

31/10/2011 00:47:11 WIB
Daily News Egypt @DailyNewsEgypt

Military detains activist for 15 days pending investigations, releases another

31/10/2011 00:48:34 WIB
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