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Resources from Mrs. Hinger's Twitter PLN 10/30/11

Many nice Tweets in this week's collection for all my educator friends!
Steve C @Montberte

National Short Story Week 7-13 November 2011

30/10/2011 20:28:47 WIB
Jeffrey DiScala @jeffdiscala

As you leave #AASL11, here is your assignment: what is your #takeawaytweet? Let us know!

30/10/2011 07:26:03 WIB
Donna Macdonald @dsmacdonald

RT @jeffdiscala: As things wind down a little, an assortment of today's tweets from #AASL11. #tlchat Encore...

30/10/2011 07:20:08 WIB
TJ Wolfe @TJwolfe_

Reading, "Yes Parents, I do use cellphones in my english class." via @jenniferacronk #edchat #edtech

30/10/2011 06:44:54 WIB
Mia Larson @MiaLarson

@findingDulcinea : How to confirm the accuracy of quotes: #aasl11 #edchat. VIA @BrianMoran

30/10/2011 06:20:30 WIB
Andy Plemmons @plemmonsa

If you missed AASL 2011...there's still time to learn and take action! /via @wordpressdotcom #aasl11 Feel free to share

30/10/2011 03:47:23 WIB
Cheryl Wolf @cookbookwolf

Ito: Librarians are positioned to connect students to digital learning networks, connecting them to mentors. #aasl11

30/10/2011 03:31:52 WIB
Angela Maiers - Keynote | Author | Change Maker @AngelaMaiers

StumbleUpon Drives More Traffic than Facebook or Twitter – Plus INFOGRAPHIC via @jeffbullas

28/10/2011 08:03:16 WIB
Teachmedia @librario868

RT @web20classroom: RT @rmbyrne: New post: Google Good to Know - Tips for Online Safety and More #tlchat

28/10/2011 07:55:04 WIB
Shawn Blankenship @Blankenship_S

RT @DMSPrincipal How Do You Learn? Information is doubling every 2 years, as a result, we must rethink the way we learn

28/10/2011 07:53:42 WIB
Richard Byrne @rmbyrne

New post: Whatfolio - Publish Your Digital Portfolio

28/10/2011 07:41:37 WIB
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