#Libya: Timeline of #Khamis Gaddafi's death(s) by @acarvin

One year after Muannmar Gaddafi's death, we are hearing his son Khamis is dead again. I've been waiting for the news to be confirmed for hours since I first heard it on Twitter. And where's Moussa Ibrahim? Rumors of Khamis' death, as documented by Wikipedia: http://bit.ly/UlcRf7
Mark Stone @Stone_SkyNews

I suppose it's worth saying that there have been reports that Moussa Ibrahim has been captured before. They turned out to be wrong.

20/10/2012 22:05:52 WIB
BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking

Libya PM office says Musa #Ibrahim, ex-spokesman for Gaddafi, is arrested - BBC seeking confirmation. Details soon http://t.co/IUdOD41A

20/10/2012 22:08:26 WIB
Mark Stone @Stone_SkyNews

Ibrahim had German wife & baby son. They'd all eat with us at Tripoli's Rixos Hotel where journalists had to stay. I wonder where they are?

20/10/2012 22:09:27 WIB
Lindsey Hilsum @lindseyhilsum

@Stone_SkyNews Moussa's wife and son are in Germany - they fled last year.

20/10/2012 22:11:02 WIB
Mark Stone @Stone_SkyNews

@lindseyhilsum thanks. I thought I had read that but wasn't sure.

20/10/2012 22:11:50 WIB
n o f r i l l s /共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills

リビア、ムーサ・イブラヒム(カダフィ政権の報道官)の身柄確保と初報から4時間もしてリビア政府筋の発表があったのでようやくBBC速報。記事キャプチャ via kwout http://t.co/GdjQkCUm しかし今なお写真の一枚すら出ず、BBC速報記事でも否定的な見解が。

20/10/2012 22:26:12 WIB
Andy Carvin @acarvin

LMAO MT @jenanmoussa: AJA quoting Libyan security sources saying that Khamis Gaddafi is alive in baniwalid. I can't confirm this news though

20/10/2012 22:32:38 WIB
Andy Carvin @acarvin

So i heard. Habeus corpus. RT @United4Libya: @acarvin guess what? They caught Khamis Qaddafi alive again!

21/10/2012 00:56:49 WIB
Andy Carvin @acarvin

Show us Khamis Gaddafi. Prove it. Until you do, he'll remain Kayser Soze. #libya

21/10/2012 00:59:56 WIB
Andy Carvin @acarvin

I hope not. RT @iyad_elbaghdadi: So @acarvin, what do you make out of this? Is this the last time we report Khamis is dead? #Gaddafi #Libya

21/10/2012 03:08:37 WIB
Mary Fitzgerald @MaryFitzger

#Libya's deputy PM @MustafaAG tweets that Gaddafi's son Khamis killed in Bani Walid and his body found in Misrata hospital

21/10/2012 03:48:57 WIB
Jomana Karadsheh Scott @JomanaCNN

Bani Walid sources: 20 killed in fighting 75 wounded includ women & children. #Libya news agency says 14 national army killed 200 wounded

21/10/2012 04:41:21 WIB
Rami EL OBEIDI @ramielobeidi

Lets not forget that when Mutassim Gadhafi was caught he had documents proving Khamis's death.

21/10/2012 05:05:22 WIB
Andy Carvin @acarvin

Hmm: Gadhafi ex-spokesman denies arrest in recording http://t.co/2hcpareR

21/10/2012 05:12:38 WIB
Jomana Karadsheh Scott @JomanaCNN

@RenaNetjes @ceoDanya PM press office emailed a statement saying Moussa was captured by national army and was being transported to Tripoli

21/10/2012 05:21:41 WIB
Ahmed Sanalla @ASanalla

scrap all 'confirmed' news about capture of Mousa #Ibrahim from any #Libyan 'official' they haven't got a scooby doo about anything #Tripoli

21/10/2012 05:27:42 WIB
Mohamed Eljarh @Eljarh

There is something really ugly being covered up in #Libya atm & our officials are taking part in this knowingly or unknowingly #BW

21/10/2012 05:35:21 WIB
Mohamed Eljarh @Eljarh

@sharon_lynch That is apparently his brother, I just want the news to be true, coz if not true something ugly is being covered up.

21/10/2012 05:36:38 WIB
Mohamed Eljarh @Eljarh

@sharon_lynch This is a one year old pic from last year, and it is his brother, i remember seeing the picture before now.

21/10/2012 05:38:10 WIB
Jomana Karadsheh Scott @JomanaCNN

look frwd to day when theres a news story out of #Libya that doesnt have 12 different versions & turns out to be a rumor confirmed by gov

21/10/2012 05:39:45 WIB
Mohamed Eljarh @Eljarh

If news of Khamis & #MusaIbrahim are not true, then a massacre in #BW is being covered up in & our Govt is part of this tragedy #Libya #GNC

21/10/2012 05:42:44 WIB
Jomana Karadsheh Scott @JomanaCNN

Good night #Libya - its been a very long day ending with more unconfirmed reports... hope people who r out celebrating dont get disappointed

21/10/2012 05:44:03 WIB
Mohamed Eljarh @Eljarh

A pro #Feb17 journalist from within #BW now on #Libya Alhrar is giving some disturbing counter facts about #BW's events today #GNC

21/10/2012 05:47:52 WIB
Jomana Karadsheh Scott @JomanaCNN

Some Libyans believe Moussa Ibrahim & Khamees #Gadhafi reports diversion or reason to justify Bani Walid offensive #Libya

21/10/2012 05:53:23 WIB
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n o f r i l l s /共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills 21/10/2012 08:28:28 WIB
Updated. (Decorated a bit and added some "Musa Ibrahim capture" tweets.)