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#Egypt: #Essamatta - another victim of torture #scaf #noscaf

Sharif Kouddous @sharifkouddous

RT @Zeinobia: Breaking News : Khaled Said's murderers sentenced 7 years in jail

26/10/2011 20:21:31 WIB
Sharif Kouddous @sharifkouddous

According to @ahramonline after sentence, families of convicted policemen vandalized court room & attacked Khaled Said's family & lawyers

26/10/2011 21:17:38 WIB
Jack Shenker @hackneylad

The #KhaledSaid case should have been murder, but what is the maximum possible sentence for a manslaughter charge? Is it 7 years?

26/10/2011 21:21:17 WIB
Reem Abdellatif - ريم عبداللطيف @Reem_Abdellatif

#SCAF #NoMilTrials RT @3awadalla Essam Atta, Martyr of Military Trials - YouTube فيديو لجثمان عصام عطا في المشرحة

28/10/2011 06:06:50 WIB
Reem Abdellatif - ريم عبداللطيف @Reem_Abdellatif

How many more is it gonna take, #Egypt? Virginity tests, rapes, #khaledsaid, #EssamAtta.. the list goes on? So how many more? #jan25

28/10/2011 06:20:43 WIB
Reem Abdellatif - ريم عبداللطيف @Reem_Abdellatif

RT @samak100#EssamAtta‏ عصام مش الاول ولا هيكون الاخير طول ما احنا ساكتين ‎#Egypt

28/10/2011 06:26:14 WIB
Ahram Online @ahramonline

#Egypt Egyptian victim of military trial tortured to death

28/10/2011 06:35:42 WIB
Ahram Online @ahramonline

Breaking news #Egypt prison guards sodomise 23 year old to death; man dies at Qasr Eini hospital via @ahramonline

28/10/2011 06:43:25 WIB
Ahram Online @ahramonline

image of #Egyptian prison guards sodomise a 24 year old man to death: report via @ahramonline

28/10/2011 08:27:40 WIB
Ahram Online @ahramonline

Egypt Detained blogger Maikel Nabil released from mental hospital, returns to military prison via @ahramonline

28/10/2011 09:12:32 WIB
Reem Abdellatif - ريم عبداللطيف @Reem_Abdellatif

#Egypt's prosecutor general now ordered official autopsy into death of 24-yr-old #EssamAtta, allegedly tortured by police. via @adamakary

28/10/2011 17:54:32 WIB
Sharif Kouddous @sharifkouddous

Essam Atta, 24, sentenced to 2 year prison sentence in military court in Feb., is tortured to death by prison guards

28/10/2011 18:16:31 WIB
Sharif Kouddous @sharifkouddous

Essam Atta's death comes one day after Khaled Said's murderers sentenced to 7 years. "We Are All Essam Atta" FB page

28/10/2011 18:22:10 WIB
Reem Abdellatif - ريم عبداللطيف @Reem_Abdellatif

#EssamAtta's death comes a day after #KhaledSaid's murderers were sentenced to 7 yrs in prison. No justice in this country. #Egypt

28/10/2011 18:29:21 WIB
lilianwagdy @lilianwagdy

according to dr aida seif el dawla, the body of essam atta is now being autopsied @ the zainhom morgue #essamatta

28/10/2011 18:39:40 WIB
lilianwagdy @lilianwagdy

in #tahrir sq now hundreds are here traffic is blocked from two sides only

28/10/2011 18:53:11 WIB
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