Person Centered Planning

This chirpstory focuses on Person Centered Planning for students with ASD.
E_Scruggs @EGScruggs

Does anyone see a connection between PCP and the Jeffrey project? #esped5014

20/10/2012 20:04:45 WIB
Annette M. Romesburg @ARomesburg

#esped5014 I can see a great possibility for using something like the MAPs with Jeffrey and his family.

20/10/2012 20:06:41 WIB
E_Scruggs @EGScruggs

I think PCP could help him with his wandering issue #esped5014

20/10/2012 20:06:52 WIB
Elizabeth Luke @LIzLuke4

#esped5014 since PCP is all about making a better life now and in the future

20/10/2012 20:08:35 WIB
Elizabeth Luke @LIzLuke4

#esped5014 I think the Jeffrey project really focused on his wandering behavior and needed to focus on other aspects of his life as well

20/10/2012 20:07:37 WIB
E_Scruggs @EGScruggs

The dream map would be great for him to use #esped5014

20/10/2012 20:08:38 WIB
Annette M. Romesburg @ARomesburg

#esped5014 I agree what are his dreams for the future? does he want to be a train conductor maybe he could do assisted employment?

20/10/2012 20:09:01 WIB
Lindsey Brisson @linds_brisson

#esped5014, I felt like Jeffery needs to focus on life skills first to focus on his safety, then I think that PCP would be the next step!

20/10/2012 20:10:47 WIB
Elizabeth Luke @LIzLuke4

#esped5014 yes I think pcp could help him in many ways

20/10/2012 20:10:55 WIB
Annette M. Romesburg @ARomesburg

#esped5014 I also think that it opens and open and honest line of communication with his "circle" of loved ones

20/10/2012 20:10:59 WIB
Elizabeth Luke @LIzLuke4

#esped5014 It would have been interesting to have more information about his parents and their goals

20/10/2012 20:11:23 WIB
Annette M. Romesburg @ARomesburg

#esped5014, yes, Jeffrey needs to learn through some form safety

20/10/2012 20:12:05 WIB
Elizabeth Luke @LIzLuke4

#esped5014 yes Lindsey definitely life skills and his communication abilities!

20/10/2012 20:12:27 WIB
Elizabeth Luke @LIzLuke4

#esped5014 I also found it interesting how much community plays a role in PCP

20/10/2012 20:13:13 WIB
Lindsey Brisson @linds_brisson

#esped5014, it would be interesting to be able to watch Jeffery, see when he wanders off? if it is when he enters school, leaves school?

20/10/2012 20:14:07 WIB
Annette M. Romesburg @ARomesburg

#esped5014 "It takes a village" doesn't it I loved that one man in the town where everyone took care

20/10/2012 20:14:44 WIB
Elizabeth Luke @LIzLuke4

#esped5014 yes I think observing him would give us so much more information!

20/10/2012 20:14:52 WIB
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