CIA torture: ACLU sues two psychologists who designed the program

Tweets by @ACLU and others.
Meet Suleiman Abdullah, a CIA torture survivor
URL American Civil Liberties Union Out of the Darkness
CIA's torture is not a new story
From December 2014:
URL the Guardian CIA torture report: the key findings The 20 key findings and conclusions from the Senate intelligence committee’s report on CIA torture, taken directly from the report
URL the Guardian The Senate intelligence committee's report on CIA torture – read the document Dianne Feinstein on Tuesday released her committee’s findings on CIA torture, which found the agency’s post-9/11 embrace of torture to be brutal and ineffective. The full committee study, at 6,700 pages, remains classified
... And much later:
URL the Guardian How the CIA tortured its detainees Waterboarding, confinement, sleep deprivation – Oliver Laughland takes a look at some of the ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ used by the agency
URL the Guardian Torture is a war crime the government treats like a policy debate | Trevor Timm Torture architects are television pundits and given enormous book contracts while Guantanamo detainees still can’t discuss what happened to them
URL the Guardian CIA sex abuse and torture went beyond Senate report disclosures, detainee says Majid Khan, who underwent ‘enhanced interrogation’, says authorities poured ice water on his genitals and hung him naked from a beam for days
Jeffrey Kaye @jeff_kaye
Former CIA Interrogator on Death, Torture & Dark Side - @SpyTalker talks w/spook who helped hide CIA torture death…
Clive Stafford Smith @CliveSSmith
HUGELY TROUBLING: in first interview CIA agent admits murder, says torture scares enemies…
Amnesty EU @AmnestyEU
Time for EU states to own up to their role in #CIA rendition & torture Hearing in @EP_Justice tomorrow #stoptorture
OMCT @omctorg
Hearing today in @EP_Justice on investigation of complicity of European countries in #CIA rendition cases… #torture
Now ACLU are suing the architects of the torture programme, who are psychologists
From earlier reports (December 2014):
URL the Guardian The US paid torture doctors millions. Why is it last in the world in punishing them? | Dr Steven Miles Dr Steven Miles: America, land of the psychologists who roam free after waterboarding people, home of the brave whistleblowers who died for telling the truth
URL the Guardian CIA torture: health professionals 'may have committed war crimes', report says Physicians for Human Rights called for federal investigation on CIA torture program participation, calling rectal feeding technique ‘form of sexual assault’
URL the Guardian Human rights groups call for special prosecutor to investigate CIA torture The ACLU and Human Rights Watch say the offences amount to ‘a vast criminal conspiracy’ and are ‘shocking and corrosive’ to US democracy and credibility
And from July 2015:
URL the Guardian US torture report: psychologists should no longer aid military, group says In wake of damning post-9/11 ‘collusion’ report, association says psychologists should not be a part of interrogations at Guantánamo Bay or elsewhere
URL the Guardian Psychologists' collusion with US torture limited our ability to decry it anywhere | Dr Steven Miles The American Psychological Association report highlights how it allowed torture clinicians to operate in our ranks. But the impact goes far beyond the group
URL the Guardian US torture doctors could face charges after report alleges post-9/11 'collusion' Following repeated denials that its members were complicit in Bush administration-era torture, leading group of psychologists faces a reckoning
URL the Guardian Three senior officials lose their jobs at APA after US torture scandal American Psychological Association framed the departures of its chief executive officer, deputy CEO and communications chief as ‘retirements’ and resignations
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