October 13th #MGiechat - Mental Health & Anxiety in Children's Fiction

Mental Health & Anxiety in Children's Fiction
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Ningel Bells @Nigellicus
@ERMurray Thanks, and ENJOY your feckin' DELICIOUS Tyrone Guthrie DINNER! Grmblermble. #MGiechat
ElizabethRose Murray @ERMurray
Hey everyone - thanks for a great #MGiechat - I'll collect an overview & put it out on here and here ermurray.com/be-inspired/we…
Jami Sinclair @InvisibleJami
Thanks so much for being so welcoming on my first #MGiechat Great chat @ERMurray
ElizabethRose Murray @ERMurray
.@shirleyannemcm Good! All welcome, always. maybe we'll catch you next time @writingruth ? #MGiechat
ElizabethRose Murray @ERMurray
And we're done! Thanks everyone who joined in with tonight's #MGiechat - I gotta run for dinner in Tyrone Guthrie. Rules is rules!
Ningel Bells @Nigellicus
@msniamhgarvey Psychological acuity in 1st person narrative is such a fantastic way of bringing other people's thoughts to life. #MGiechat
Grace Hamilton @piggiestales
@ERMurray ooooh just coming in new to this and it's nearly 7; will keep eye out for next week #MGieChat
Shirley Anne McMillan @shirleyannemcm
I seem to have totally butted in on #MGiechat despite not being an MG writer. But it's a v interesting chat! @writingruth you here?
Jami Sinclair @InvisibleJami
.@helenclarkjones I know. I'm so glad when I actually do read something a bit less "fluffy". #MGiechat @msniamhgarvey @peachjamcloset
Niamh Garvey @msniamhgarvey
I think 1st person in MG books can help show kids into the mind of others, that worries and doubts and happiness all normal #MGiechat
Helen Clark Jones @helenclarkjones
@msniamhgarvey @InvisibleJami @peachjamcloset I must admit I do the same but well written 'hard' reads are often more satisfying. #mgiechat
Ningel Bells @Nigellicus
@ERMurray @CethanLeahy Trying to boil it down to one universal version goes right against the reality of it anyway. #MGiechat
Olivia Hope @OliviaMHope
Shall I try it again with the right hashtag? #MGiechat "apologies to @ERMurray et al, sorry about #MGChatie, is there a Twitter+1 option?"
Sarah Webb @sarahwebbishere
Right, back to work now - nice talking to you all, sorry I was late. @ERMurray see you in Skib. Happy reading + writing, all. #mgiechat
ElizabethRose Murray @ERMurray
Almost there - 5 minutes to go until tonight's #MGiechat is over - time to start wrapping up!
Niamh Garvey @msniamhgarvey
@InvisibleJami @peachjamcloset I know that feeling. I build myself up to the hard stuff in between escapist reads. #MGiechat
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