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Inconceivable! How Black Lesbians Hate Obama... or that?

El Hajj @Eyeslam

Just so everybody knows, @TheREAL_MBrooks is basically like a Black Ann Coulter. Except she's only racist against ME.

19/10/2012 12:48:12 WIB
El Hajj @Eyeslam

So you hate books? I see it. RT @REALBROTHER0003 Books is a Coward and Black man HATING Buffoon. She's afraid of the truth. @TheREAL_MBrooks

19/10/2012 13:00:53 WIB
Deebo Samuel’s Dimples @AyyyeJai

@Eyeslam @REALBROTHER0003 @TheREAL_MBrooks I can totally see how he hates books. All those words. Scary, scary words.

19/10/2012 13:04:50 WIB

My bad I meant the Black man HATING Dyke "Brooks". @Eyeslam @Jai2Thumbs @TheREAL_MBrooks TKCAL

19/10/2012 13:07:56 WIB

Is that really all you DUMB Black Sellouts have is a typo of some DYKES last name? Really? @Eyeslam @TheREAL_MBrooks @Jai2Thumbs TKCAL

19/10/2012 13:41:37 WIB
Revolutionary Ali @Rev_Ali

@REALBROTHER0003 @Eyeslam @Jai2Thumbs @TheREAL_MBrooks what's this guys beef??? He's neither black nor man. So what's the real problem???

19/10/2012 13:12:41 WIB
Ms. Brooks™ @TheREAL_MBrooks

@REALBROTHER0003 @Eyeslam @Jai2Thumbs Wait, Me? Oh, OK.. Have U met me? do U want 2? *Sings "you really like me.. you think I'm preeeettty"*

19/10/2012 13:13:00 WIB
El Hajj @Eyeslam

@TheREAL_MBrooks @Jai2Thumbs @REALBROTHER0003 Bet you I end up using the "nigger" word in this exchange.

19/10/2012 13:06:49 WIB
Ms. Brooks™ @TheREAL_MBrooks

Hey @Jai2Thumbs @Eyeslam I think I should invite @REALBROTHER0003 to the podcast to talk about why he hates books so... Lack of pictures?

19/10/2012 13:06:55 WIB
El Hajj @Eyeslam

@REALBROTHER0003 @Jai2Thumbs @TheREAL_MBrooks RB, you wanna come on my show and talk about Man Hating "Books" in a few minutes?

19/10/2012 13:10:10 WIB
Ms. Brooks™ @TheREAL_MBrooks

@Eyeslam @Jai2Thumbs Start with "Little Women"... Wait, I don't think that means what @REALBROTHER0003 thinks it means.. #inconceivable

19/10/2012 13:15:01 WIB
El Hajj @Eyeslam

@REALBROTHER0003 @TheREAL_MBrooks @Jai2Thumbs So, you DON'T want to do the show, Black Man? Seriously, no reading required. Let's do this!

19/10/2012 13:43:37 WIB
El Hajj @Eyeslam

@TheREAL_MBrooks @Jai2Thumbs Say the word @REALBROTHER0003 and we will serve these "Books" over the airwaves. I'm giving you the platform!

19/10/2012 13:15:54 WIB

No problem I'll do your SELLOUT ASS SHOW give me the number. @Eyeslam @TheREAL_MBrooks @Jai2Thumbs TKCAL

19/10/2012 13:45:12 WIB
El Hajj @Eyeslam

@REALBROTHER0003 @TheREAL_MBrooks @Jai2Thumbs Setting it up right now. We might win AWARDS for this. Hope "Books" has some coffee.

19/10/2012 13:48:04 WIB

Sure give me the info I'll bless your show. @Eyeslam @TheREAL_MBrooks @Jai2Thumbs TKCAL

19/10/2012 13:44:10 WIB

Yea tell the DUMB DYKE to eat some Wheaties. @Eyeslam @TheREAL_MBrooks @Jai2Thumbs TKCAL

19/10/2012 13:52:44 WIB
Ms. Brooks™ @TheREAL_MBrooks

@REALBROTHER0003 @Eyeslam @Jai2Thumbs Oh I did... When was that? Is this like when guys call women lesbians b/c they won't dance with you?

19/10/2012 13:57:39 WIB
El Hajj @Eyeslam

Everybody, PLEASE join me for the "SELLOUT ASS SHOW" in 30 minutes featuring @REALBROTHER0003. Topic: Hating "Books".

19/10/2012 13:58:05 WIB
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