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Gartner Symposium Keynote

Top Tweets for CIO by @nyike during Gartner Symposium Keynote
Isaac Sacolick @nyike

"You - the #CIO - are more important than ever" in Digital Business #GartnerSYM

05/10/2015 20:37:34 WIB
Isaac Sacolick @nyike

Won and done digital project vs. digital business is a big culture change #CIO #GartnerSYM

05/10/2015 20:43:05 WIB
Isaac Sacolick @nyike

If data is the most important thing you control, you are in trouble. #BigData by itself is not transformative #GartnerSYM #CIO

05/10/2015 20:52:29 WIB
Isaac Sacolick @nyike

Algorithms define business - customer experience, supply chain, laws, how a city runs - all encoded in software #GartnerSYM #CIO

05/10/2015 20:55:12 WIB
Isaac Sacolick @nyike

Inventory, assign ownership, classify algorithms - assign Chief Data Officer to run #GartnerSYM - Algorithmic economy will drive #IoT

05/10/2015 20:58:16 WIB
Isaac Sacolick @nyike

50% of #CIO have Partner relationship with CEO but need to reach 23% "trusted ally" to be champion of digital vision #GartnerSYM

05/10/2015 21:27:28 WIB
Isaac Sacolick @nyike

The #CIO has 1 trait standout vs other leaders. It is *Intuitive Thinkers* to solve complex problems in creative ways #GartnerDYM

05/10/2015 21:30:04 WIB
Isaac Sacolick @nyike

Own Innovation, Digital Strategy, and Algorithms and get over control, legacy, and cloud fear #CIO #GartnerSYM

05/10/2015 21:37:28 WIB


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