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Gambar2 Photoshop Gagal Model Pakaian Dalam Terkenal Victoria's Secret


Raksasa merk pakaian dalam wanita Victoria's Secret disorot karena keganjilan foto modelnya

!. Terbaru, bokong yang diedit sebelah

Stuff @NZStuff

Victoria's Secret under fire for editing out a model's buttock in Photoshop fail

09/10/2015 05:30:35 WIB
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Closer Mag & Online @CloserOnline

Victoria's Secret's embarrassing photoshop slip-up exposed

08/10/2015 18:54:32 WIB
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Daily Mail Femail @Femail

Victoria's Secret called out over 'half-assed' editing which removed part of a model's bottom

08/10/2015 00:31:05 WIB
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Kasus itu bukan satu-satunya

Kristy Louise🦇 @kristylouise78

@BuzzFeed why just this? Unrealistic body expectations are normal for this type of ad...

09/10/2015 11:27:39 WIB
Alli White @alliw312

@kristylouise78 @BuzzFeed yeah butttt they photoshopped in one butt cheek. It's funny. Or photoshopped one out, however you perceive it lol

09/10/2015 11:48:55 WIB
Breakout Moments @BreakoutMoments

BodyRockTV : Victoria's Secret Model Raica Oliveira Without Photoshop ……)

07/10/2015 11:18:31 WIB
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2. Model yang lengannya hilang

Karissa 🖤 woke a$$ pussy @okarissa

@BuzzFeed ummm... Victoria Secret does this constantly. I'm just glad this one has both arms.

09/10/2015 11:51:59 WIB
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3. Bahu yang terpotong

4. Dada "tempelan" (bisa merasakan bedanya?)


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