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Da #HipHopEd Rewind: #B2S Chat (5) Bring/Take a Resource Ask/Answer a Question

This week's (9.29.15) #HipHopEd Topic was "#B2S Chat (5) #HipHopEd Bring/Take a Resource Ask/Answer a Question" #HipHopEd is a global network of educators, scholars, leaders, students, artists and professionals lev Read More
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

Welcome 2 #B2S Chat (5) Bring/Take a resource, Ask/Answer a question #HipHopEd

30/09/2015 08:00:33 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

We are ending our series of "Back 2 School" chats with an exchange to strengthen our community & our work #HipHopEd

30/09/2015 08:01:40 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

Please include the hash tag #HipHopEd in your tweets so that we can capture everything on our time line throughout tonight's chat

30/09/2015 08:02:23 WIB
José Vilson @TheJLV

Also, I’m handing my mic over to @chrisemdin @tdj6899 and the #hiphoped crew. Be right back! #educolor

30/09/2015 08:02:29 WIB
Amil Cook @amilcook

Question How do #HipHopEd(ucators) deal with cell phones in schools?

30/09/2015 08:02:44 WIB
mikedando @mbdando

For those who want/need to get their hands and minds on some hiphophistory #hiphoped @mrdaveyd is an essential

30/09/2015 08:03:59 WIB
Jason Falconio @jasonfalconio

@amilcook No choice for me. If seen or heard I have to take them and give them to our dean. #hiphoped

30/09/2015 08:04:20 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

I had to explain 2 an administrator & educator of a middle school why Hip-Hop is a great source for engaging students in ELA #HipHopEd

30/09/2015 08:04:54 WIB
sam seidel (he/him) @husslington

#HipHopEd activity: every student gets to bring in 1 song they love + explain why. class listens, reads lyrics, analyzes. teacher goes last.

30/09/2015 08:05:04 WIB
Saylove (Earth) @earthsaylove

@tdj6899 PEACE! Working for the school board with drop-outs, to help them earn their HS diplomas. Going to ask to design elective! #HipHopEd

30/09/2015 08:06:46 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

#B2S Chat (4) Chirpified: #HipHopEd teaching History/Social Studies using HH music/pedagogy 9/22/15

30/09/2015 08:06:51 WIB
Matthew R. Morris @callmemrmorris

@tdj6899 Sad to think that an admin would need to be told how the fluidity of language can help language learners #HipHopEd

30/09/2015 08:07:08 WIB
mikedando @mbdando

Hip-Hop Family tree is another great and fertile resource for English/Social Studies/Art… #hiphoped

30/09/2015 08:07:25 WIB
Amil Cook @amilcook

@MrJasonFCS so of the highest performing schools embrace Ss tech devices shouldn't #HipHopEd? Another poor reason to discipline Ss?

30/09/2015 08:07:36 WIB
Christopher Emdin @chrisemdin

#HipHopEd fam, Its resource / Q and A time. We want to close this month out with gifts for the educators. Lets get it!!!!

30/09/2015 08:08:11 WIB
Ian P. Levy Ed.D @Ianplevy

worked hard in the lab with my students today. Strongly encourage yet creation of school studios #hiphoped

30/09/2015 08:08:13 WIB
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Matthew R. Morris @callmemrmorris

@husslington The last part there is true hip hop pedagogy. Teaching through your students comes first in this type of ed. #HipHopEd

30/09/2015 08:08:17 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

That would be an awesome way 2 engage these individuals & make Ed relevant #HipHopEd…

30/09/2015 08:08:27 WIB
Matthew R. Morris @callmemrmorris

How do we beyond thinking about simply using hip hop as using the lyrics to teach? #HipHopEd

30/09/2015 08:09:42 WIB
sam seidel (he/him) @husslington

indeed! MT @callmemrmorris: @husslington The last part there is true hip hop pedagogy. Teaching through your students comes first. #HipHopEd

30/09/2015 08:10:17 WIB
Timothy Jones @tdj6899

Willie Lynch/Dr. Martin Luther King Jr/Kendrick Lamar/Rapsody & U: "Complexion" #HipHopEd Youth Development ELA

30/09/2015 08:10:18 WIB
Christopher Emdin @chrisemdin

Educators, adorn your class with hip-hop posters mixed with classic classroom decor. Changes everything #HipHopEd

30/09/2015 08:10:27 WIB
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