Road to Miss Cycling: Me vs. Minions

I got nominated in a CyclingNews poll. I made a Lance Armstrong joke like I'm want to do. Dumb shit ensues, yadda yadda yadda, I end up donating $20 bucks to a non-Livestrong cancer charity in someone else's name for ultimate pwnage.
mmmaiko @mmmaiko

i don't see @lancearmstrong in the rider or non-rider twattler category of cycling news poll. what, he fail a dope test?

26/10/2011 00:37:12 WIB
Chris Griffin @ChrisAGriffin

The winners of today's most wholly inappropriate tweets goes to @cyclingnewsfeed RT of a @mmmaiko Lance bash. VERY unprofessional #unfollow

26/10/2011 02:18:48 WIB
mmmaiko @mmmaiko

.@ChrisAGriffin where are my manners? i'd like to thank @lancearmstrong for blocking me, making me seem like bigger deal to @cyclingnewsfeed

26/10/2011 08:46:50 WIB
mmmaiko @mmmaiko

if i'm voted miss cycling, my mission is to educate the public on difference between jokes/satire and bashing/defamatory slander.

26/10/2011 08:49:42 WIB
mmmaiko @mmmaiko

my cause will have a symbol: panties that get bunched in your crack. wear it as a wristband if you wish. 10//25 is the date to remember.

26/10/2011 08:50:52 WIB

@ChrisAGriffin @cyclingnewsfeed @mmmaiko @DanKalbacher Agree, Agree.. No need for professional to RT such a comment.

26/10/2011 09:02:02 WIB
Chris Griffin @ChrisAGriffin

@Tri_X_Peddler It seems with every single 1 of her 140 characters per tweet, this @mmmaiko person proves our assertion to be correct.

26/10/2011 09:52:31 WIB
mmmaiko @mmmaiko

if i'm voted miss cycling, i promise to do something nice & put a smile on @ChrisAGriffin's face! i make yummy allergen-free cupcakes!

26/10/2011 10:17:59 WIB

@ChrisAGriffin @mmmaiko What can you say; Some people are just "THAT" way. ALWAYS degrading and condescending. And ALWAYS ENJOYING it..!!

26/10/2011 10:18:43 WIB
mmmaiko @mmmaiko

i also promise to do something nice & put a smile on @Tri_X_Peddler's face! good thing my spice cupcake recipe yields 33 cupcakes!

26/10/2011 10:24:09 WIB
Chris Griffin @ChrisAGriffin

@mmmaiko Since Lance helped you reach your aspirations, can you help him reach one of his? He'd like a cure for cancer

26/10/2011 10:25:20 WIB
mmmaiko @mmmaiko

.@ChrisAGriffin i have donated to lung cancer alliance in your name! it is a better rated charity & my grandpa died of lung cancer.

26/10/2011 11:00:19 WIB
mmmaiko @mmmaiko

.@ChrisAGriffin here's the confirmation i got! confirm the donation in w/ them if you wish:

26/10/2011 11:02:16 WIB

@mmmaiko Beat my can't beat my Zucchini Pie Have a Good Night

26/10/2011 10:37:30 WIB
mmmaiko @mmmaiko

@Tri_X_Peddler my mrs. fields style cookie cake? choco cake w/ coconut frosting? i rule at baking!

26/10/2011 11:08:52 WIB
Nick777 @TheNick777

@ChrisAGriffin @mmmaiko Do donations go to finding a cure, or to Lance? Just checking...

26/10/2011 12:15:27 WIB
Steven Cruysberghs @stevencruysberg

@ChrisAGriffin @mmmaiko cure? I thought livestrong its all about cancer awareness. Are you funding research? Which?

26/10/2011 11:40:38 WIB
mmmaiko @mmmaiko

.@TheNick777 @stevencruysberg just clarifying: i gave to lung cancer alliance, high-rated & reviewed on charity navigator, not livestrong.

26/10/2011 12:22:56 WIB


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