Sedick Isaacs, Human Rights Activist, R.I.P.

This man, whom I didn't know about, is memorialized by his niece in this touching Twitter sequence. This two-year-old link tells something about him. "Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, And waste its sweetness on the desert air." Read More
Habiba Hamid @habibahamid

My uncle "@ihrc: With sorrow we hear of the passing of Sedick Issacs, former #RobbenIsland prisoner and #anti-apartheid activist"

19/10/2012 04:30:07 WIB
Habiba Hamid @habibahamid

My uncle Sedick Isaacs spent 13 years as a prisoner of conscience w Mandela. Longest prisoner in solitary confinement

19/10/2012 04:43:01 WIB
Habiba Hamid @habibahamid

My aunt wasnt allowed to be alone with him for over 14 years. Apartheid state watched his everymove. He taught Zuma and ANC in prison

19/10/2012 04:44:42 WIB
Habiba Hamid @habibahamid

Am devestated. He took me to Robben Island in 08 and I cried for hours. He sacrificed his entire life for freedom; Allah yerhamu

19/10/2012 04:46:09 WIB
Habiba Hamid @habibahamid

He arranged and oversaw the full education of the entire ANC in captivity, ensuring that they stayed focused, literate and principled

19/10/2012 04:47:46 WIB
Habiba Hamid @habibahamid

I just called his wife on his passing earlier today how much he inspired my whole life. No contemporaries of mine match up to such people

19/10/2012 04:50:07 WIB
Habiba Hamid @habibahamid

I think of all the injustices they suffered for decades. I asked him of Mandela, he told me among his 'comrades' much is kept sacred

19/10/2012 04:51:49 WIB
Habiba Hamid @habibahamid

He was tortured with sleep deprivation, stripped naked, tied to boards and flogged, kept in a circle, subject to shocks and denied food

19/10/2012 04:53:08 WIB
Habiba Hamid @habibahamid

He taught Zuma how to read and write, arranged theft of medecine to save prisoners

19/10/2012 04:54:59 WIB
Habiba Hamid @habibahamid

For 7 years after jail he was placed under bans - allowed to speak to one person at a time -had to request permission to speak to his wife

19/10/2012 04:55:44 WIB
Habiba Hamid @habibahamid

The last time I saw him alive, he recited Oscar Wilde's poem on imprisonment. I took this on the bus to the prison

19/10/2012 05:07:00 WIB
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Habiba Hamid @habibahamid

People say Muslims don't do good. But some Muslims I know built nations, leaders, peoples and inspired their children to do more

19/10/2012 05:12:03 WIB
Habiba Hamid @habibahamid

I hold to certain truths: some struggles are worth fighting for; and hope is never futile. I know this as I knew him. May God guide us x

19/10/2012 05:25:47 WIB