Soli Ozel & Umit Boyner discuss Turkey at brookings

I haven't been to any events at Brookings for years (though in the late 1980s I was a Guest Scholar there.) Anyway, my friend Soli Ozel was speaking there today, along w/ the Board Chair of the Turkish Assocn of Business and Industry, Umit Boyner. We had good wifi, so I tweeted my main notes...
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Helena Cobban @helenacobban 26/10/2011 01:41:22 WIB
I'm at a forum on Turkey @ Brookings. Came 2 see Soli Ozel. Funny 2 be back after so long.
Helena Cobban @helenacobban 26/10/2011 01:43:53 WIB
Here @ Brkngs, as in US State Dept., Turkey comes under 'Europe'.
Helena Cobban @helenacobban 26/10/2011 01:45:29 WIB
Whole ME prog @ Brkngs was colonized by Martin Indyk & Haim Saban a long time ago
Helena Cobban @helenacobban 26/10/2011 01:52:53 WIB
Umit Boyner, the female head of the Turkish Assocn of Biz & Industry, spking abt econ. Impressive. Both her & th Turkish econ.
Helena Cobban @helenacobban 26/10/2011 01:54:17 WIB
Turkish business was able 2 move into large parts of fmrly Soviet econ space in past 20 yrs.
Helena Cobban @helenacobban 26/10/2011 01:56:45 WIB
... In both E Europe & Central Asia. That & its highly developed human & infrastructural resources allowd T econ really 2 take off.
Helena Cobban @helenacobban 26/10/2011 01:58:37 WIB
U. Boyner noted that T's per-capita GDP to double in past 10 yrs. Growth still = strong, while W Europe has faltered.
Helena Cobban @helenacobban 26/10/2011 02:00:44 WIB
Of course, ppl here v. sad abt th losses in earthquake in Van. U. Boyner also mentiond T's losses fm recent PKK attacks.
Helena Cobban @helenacobban 26/10/2011 02:01:46 WIB
Soli Ozel now talkng abt Turkey's special features...
Helena Cobban @helenacobban 26/10/2011 02:02:56 WIB
Noting wryly that T has gone fromseeking 'zero probs w neighbors' to having 'zero neighbors w/out probs'.
Helena Cobban @helenacobban 26/10/2011 02:05:35 WIB
Soli O now talkng abt #turkey's switch twd Syria. Says that earlier outreach to Asad regime was a most imptt part of policy.
Helena Cobban @helenacobban 26/10/2011 02:07:31 WIB
But then, Ankara decided 2 reclibrate a lot & gave more supp 2 opposn in Syr...
Helena Cobban @helenacobban 26/10/2011 02:16:02 WIB
Then, Soli talkd a bit abt #turkey's relns w Israel & mentioned th Trbled Triangle book.
Helena Cobban @helenacobban 26/10/2011 02:20:11 WIB
Gr8 line fm Soli O when askd abt the Cypriot prob & its effect on #turkey's relns w Europe...
Helena Cobban @helenacobban 26/10/2011 02:20:49 WIB
His response: Cyprus is a prob, but Sarkozy is a bigger problem...
Helena Cobban @helenacobban 26/10/2011 02:22:17 WIB
Soli on Turkish-Irn relns: reminds that 700,000 Turkish trucks transit Iran every yr enroute 2 markets in C. Asia, etc etc...
Helena Cobban @helenacobban 26/10/2011 02:23:28 WIB
Soli O likens T-Iran relns 2 dictum of Godfather: keep yr fds close & yr enemies closer...
Helena Cobban @helenacobban 26/10/2011 02:25:00 WIB
Umit Boyner notes re T-Isr relns that despite probs that 'our govts' have created, trade continues at same level.
Helena Cobban @helenacobban 26/10/2011 02:30:45 WIB
Umit B notes that Syria had been v. imptt 4 #turkey. True. Imptt cuz of S's role as gateway 2 other mkts.
Helena Cobban @helenacobban 26/10/2011 02:32:47 WIB
Soli O making gd pt that 3 yrs of no-visa entry 2 Turkey prolly played some role in spurring pro-democ movemt in Syr.
Rüçhan Kaya @ruchankaya 26/10/2011 02:59:09 WIB
US donors can help to provide relief to victims of the earthquake in #Turkey via @tphilanthropy
Chris @Media_Chris 26/10/2011 03:01:46 WIB
Great to see people being pulled from the rubble alive in #Turkey. True determination and admirable spirit to survive this horrible tragedy.

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