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Apa Jadinya Kalau Trailer Film di "Mash Up" dengan Gaya Film Lain? Keren!

Suka nonton trailer film? Akun youtube ini bikin "mash up" trailer film dengan gaya trailer film lain. Hasilnya? KEREN!

URL Ini Dia 10 Recut Trailer Paling Keren yang Pernah Ada di YouTube Trailer-trailer keren buat ditonton nih!

Mash up trailer ini bikin kita ngerasain sudut pandang yang berbeda dari suatu film!

Will Crow @oh_yeah_will

Everyone needs to follow The Unusual Suspect on YouTube. Seriously.

25/11/2013 14:28:54 WIB
art @archurops

There's this guy on YouTube "The Unusual Suspect." He makes trailers for movies in the style of other movie trailers & they're really good.

02/07/2015 05:07:04 WIB
Ty Jensen @SirTyJensen

You should check out a YouTube member named The Unusual Suspect. I seen his Home Alone review, it's brilliant.

30/11/2014 13:42:14 WIB

Spiderman ala Deadpool

Avengers ala Power Rangers

Star Wars ala Guardian of Galaxy

Harry Potter ala Scott Pilgrim

Trailer Mash Up lainnya juga gak kalah keren!

The Shining ala Film Romantic Comedy

The Incredibles ala Christopher Nolan

Dumb and Dumber ala Inception

Breaking Bad ala The Wolf of Wall Street


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