Critical Thinking in Dysphagia Management

This was a course taught by Dr. Ianessa Humbert and Dr. Emily Plowman. This was the very first course of, hopefully, many to come. It was a live course in Baltimore, MD on September 19 and 20. Attendees were from all over: DC, MA, PA, NY, CT, CO, IN, AK, CA, TN, LA, VA, OH, NC, MI, Canada and Italy!!
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM We are registered and just waiting for the greatness to begin! #dysphagia

19/09/2015 18:52:19 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM Introductions are beginning. I'm front and center. What was I thinking???

19/09/2015 19:03:02 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM Only the cool kids are hanging out at Johns Hopkins this morning!! #dysphagia

19/09/2015 19:04:11 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM Physiology and neuroplasticity will be discussed! #dysphagia

19/09/2015 19:05:37 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM Elucidating Inconsistencies in Clinical Decision Making #dysphagia

19/09/2015 19:06:28 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM Challenging and controversial topics and viewpoints.

19/09/2015 19:06:57 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM Rosenbek 1995 article. An alarm was sounded with aphasia treatment with an increase in efficacy data. No alarm for dysphagia.

19/09/2015 19:08:18 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM Campbell Taylor 2008. No board certifications required for dysphagia. We are not taught biomechanics, pharmacology, etc.

19/09/2015 19:09:50 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM Much can be learned from social media. Examples from the Dysphagia Therapy Professional Edition Facebook group.

19/09/2015 19:11:35 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM Discussion from the past discussing not having instrumental assessments available. Discussing when some SLPs don't have access.

19/09/2015 19:13:12 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM "I work in a hospital and we can't really afford stethoscopes, so I just put my ear up against the patient's chest and listen."

19/09/2015 19:17:57 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM We have to advocate to have the appropriate equipment for instrumental assessment, MBSS, FEES. #greatquotesfrom @dr_deglutition

19/09/2015 19:19:03 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM There is a concern for lack of preparedness, lack of funds, increased productivity. It is imperative that we advocate.

19/09/2015 19:21:12 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM Providing numbers an be a piece of gaining access to equipment. @yjohnsonmccoy

19/09/2015 19:22:31 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM From a vendor "That's a great piece of equipment but I don't think my hospital/facility will go for that."

19/09/2015 19:23:18 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM When equipment is purchased, it is because an SLP fought to get that equipment.

19/09/2015 19:23:40 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM We don't educate enough. PT and OT get equipment. We need to educated others regarding what we do and what we need to do it.

19/09/2015 19:25:09 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM YOU have to be the person and go in advocate for our profession. Nobody will come in and offer us necessities if we don't ask for it

19/09/2015 19:26:22 WIB
Shareka @speechreka

Stalking @dysphagiarmblng and @yjohnsonmccoy this weekend. Hoping to learn lots vicariously #ctdm

19/09/2015 19:27:19 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM Obamacare vs. Affordable Health Care Act. Educate yourself and KNOW what you are either for or against.

19/09/2015 19:30:03 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM The healthcare field is looking to reduce costs and produce better patient outcomes. from Nancy Swigert

19/09/2015 19:30:48 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM fee-for service system: certain outcomes must be reached in order to be paid and that negative outcomes be decreased to avoid penalty

19/09/2015 19:31:46 WIB
Tiffani Wallace @dysphagiarmblng

#CTDM We should not have readmits, aspiration pneumonia, infection, etc.

19/09/2015 19:32:16 WIB
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