[FOTO] Trik Pengambilan Gambar Dibalik Kerennya Foto-foto di Instagram

Kumpulan foto milik Chompoo Baritone, fotografer asal Thailand ini menjelaskan dibalik kerennya foto-foto instagrammer/fotografer
TAXI @designtaxi

Photographer captures the truth behind glamorous Instagram photos ow.ly/SoLPk pic.twitter.com/x3mit89YJF

19/09/2015 10:40:16 WIB
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* @envanir

The Truth Behind Instagram Photos by photographer Chompoo Baritone pic.twitter.com/So8Dknq1K5

18/09/2015 17:15:33 WIB
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RoughPad.com @RoughPadPosts

The #truth behind the people's #Instagram photos...! Must see how people manipulate the reality into beautiful images. www.roughpad.c…

20/09/2015 15:37:52 WIB
Robert Karas @karrob14

@caschy there’s no difference to the normally media, they all and we all try to take the best pic

18/09/2015 20:11:53 WIB
ThinkyThoughtHead @mrstth

@boredpanda I don't get it... any photo leaves stuff out; and of course you want to take photos of things that look good.. why is that bad?

17/09/2015 22:40:36 WIB


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