The 12th Dialogue, Fukushima "EXPERIENCE WE HAVE GAINED TOGETHER." (Day2) Sep 13, 2015

Tweets from the 12th Dialogue Seminar of ICRP, Fukushima "EXPERIENCE WE HAVE GAINED TOGETHER." Day2. Japanese version (by @birdtaka) here: Day 1 here: ICRP Dialogue:

2nd day started.


Mr.Lochard showed us the baby photo from Mr.Yasutaka.

hiroki @hirokiharoki


13/09/2015 07:34:06 WIB
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hiroki @hirokiharoki

Mr.Lochard:day2. Introduction of new comers.

13/09/2015 07:35:36 WIB

(Some attached documents and movies are in English. Others are in Japanese. English speaker participant's movies and documents are in English. Japanese participant's movies are in Japanese. Documents are in English or Japanese.)

Session4: Media and society
Makoto Ohmori (TUF) Looking back on past media reports
hiroki @hirokiharoki

Mr.Oomori:4.5years. confession of myv personal feelings. Naraha machi village. standdown evacuation order at September 5th.

13/09/2015 07:43:13 WIB
ryugo hayano @hayano

同じことを報道してどうして違う テレビユー福島 大森さん #ICRPダイアログ

13/09/2015 08:37:27 WIB
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hiroki @hirokiharoki

problems: lifelines? house repaired? work places? stores? hospitals? neghberhood comunity?

13/09/2015 07:44:37 WIB
hiroki @hirokiharoki

working at a local TV media company. born in Fukushima. I don't want these ppl to feel pain. best position to convey neccesary info

13/09/2015 07:46:49 WIB
hiroki @hirokiharoki

risk increased with radiation. but how much? communicate, report. what it the accurate level of the risk. your own life. report should be

13/09/2015 07:48:48 WIB
hiroki @hirokiharoki

used . TV and news media. why so different views? inside Fukushima and outside Fukushima. some reported about tyroid cancer. same source.

13/09/2015 07:50:36 WIB
hiroki @hirokiharoki

but reported like completely different things. become Trauma . and another one. 2years after the NPPaccident. kids wear masks. but it was

13/09/2015 07:53:20 WIB
hiroki @hirokiharoki

from before the accident. kids wear masks to prevent dasts at Tamaire of sport festival. not for radiation prevention.

13/09/2015 07:55:02 WIB
hiroki @hirokiharoki

sensationalizm. and 'both 2 different opinions should be there.' Tondel method. 300times only for Strontium.

13/09/2015 07:58:44 WIB
hiroki @hirokiharoki

no one really cares for that details when they report on the news. what we should do with these ' false, mistaken news?' maybe we should

13/09/2015 08:01:12 WIB
Ryugo Hayano (University of Tokyo) Measure & Communicate - 4.5 years, and beyond
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