Using Character Development to Raise Caring, Respectful and Ethical Kids

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Welcome to this month’s #ToolkitTalk! Tonight: Using Character Development to Raise Caring, Respectful & Ethical Kids

16/09/2015 06:00:00 WIB
NBC News Learn @NBCNewsLearn

Let’s get started! We’re finding out how to develop character to build caring, respectful & ethical kids. #ToolkitTalk

16/09/2015 06:02:40 WIB
NBC News Learn @NBCNewsLearn

Q1: What exactly is “Character?” Is it the same as personality? #ToolkitTalk

16/09/2015 06:03:00 WIB
Dr. Michele Borba @micheleborba

A1: Personality is biological: (introvert, outgoing, shy, etc); character is developed & made up of virtues #ToolkitTalk

16/09/2015 06:03:35 WIB
Making Caring Common @MCCHarvardEd

A1: It helps to distinguish b/w 2 types of character: ethical char is diff from performance char #ToolkitTalk

16/09/2015 06:03:39 WIB
Making Caring Common @MCCHarvardEd

A1: Both ethical & performance character are important dimensions of personality, but they aren't the same as personality #ToolkitTalk

16/09/2015 06:04:09 WIB
Key Club @keyclub

A1: Your character is a combination of your values and your sense of ethics, which reveals itself in your personality. #ToolkitTalk

16/09/2015 06:04:09 WIB
Kids for Peace @KidsforPeace

We're so happy to joining #ToolkitTalk. Character development in our children is so important! #kindnessmatters

16/09/2015 06:04:34 WIB
Expand pic @CharacterDotOrg

A1: Character is about your core values, your morals, your sense of integrity #ToolkitTalk

16/09/2015 06:04:45 WIB
Dr. Michele Borba @micheleborba

A1:Artistole described character as a “settled disposition” to behave in morally good way; pr traits that make kids good people #ToolkitTalk

16/09/2015 06:04:46 WIB
Global Citizen Year @GlobalCitizenYr

A1: Unlike personality, character is a skillset that must be nurtured and developed #toolkittalk

16/09/2015 06:04:51 WIB
NBC News Learn @NBCNewsLearn

Kids tend to mimic their parent’s behavior. See how you can model good character behavior here: #ToolkitTalk

16/09/2015 06:05:04 WIB
Christópher Abreu @byChrisAbreu

Character is more than personality. It is what you stand for, what you value, and how others perceive you @educationnation #ToolkitTalk

16/09/2015 06:05:24 WIB
Dr. Michele Borba @micheleborba

A1: There are 2 types: Performance character: grit, curiosity, self-control & moral character: respect, kindness, empathy #ToolkitTalk

16/09/2015 06:05:27 WIB
Stridepost @stridepost

A1: Character is not only how you define yourself, but how you treat others #ToolkitTalk #MakeStrides @educationnation

16/09/2015 06:05:39 WIB
Rebecca Baron Ferrer @MrsFerrer_NCC

@educationnation A1: character is the social/emotional/ethical knowledge that impacts decision-making #ToolkitTalk

16/09/2015 06:05:47 WIB @CharacterDotOrg

Performance character and moral character are both so important and both crucial for good character ed! #ToolkitTalk…

16/09/2015 06:05:59 WIB
Dr. Michele Borba @micheleborba

Q1Character matters for our kids’ success & well-being; guides kids on the good path are not innate but teachable #ToolkitTalk

16/09/2015 06:06:58 WIB
Kids for Peace @KidsforPeace

A1: Research shows character can be developed regardless of personality. Repeated kind acts of #kindness can retrain the brain #toolkittalk

16/09/2015 06:07:20 WIB
Dr. Michele Borba @micheleborba

A1: In a culture saturated w “success” only measured by IQ & GPA it's crucial to make room for character #ToolkitTalk

16/09/2015 06:08:13 WIB
Just Curtis @justdotheshimmy

@educationnation My parents taught me the best way to build character was to live in the dog house all summer. I learned a lot. #ToolkitTalk

16/09/2015 06:08:37 WIB
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