Northern Ireland: Stormont crisis, or is it circus?

New Age @NewAge_Agent

The era of peace process is over. A new age of political progress is what we need - Slugger O'Toole…

28/08/2015 06:11:05 WIB
Michael McConville @mikemcconville

The 10 most annoying political phrases in Northern Ireland | Slugger O'Toole…

28/08/2015 20:18:45 WIB
Irish Independence @EndBritishRule

There can never be peace in Ireland until the foreign, oppressive British presence is removed, - Bobby Sands

05/09/2015 01:33:08 WIB
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Tim Mc Garry @Tim_Mc_Garry

Well done Liz. Queen has seen out 7 Popes, 12 Prime Ministers, and 287 Stormont crises.

09/09/2015 07:01:47 WIB
Mark Devenport @markdevenport

Peter Robinson says if DUP doesn't get right answer he'd be surprised if ministers don't resign by end of day tomorrow

09/09/2015 21:40:16 WIB
Conal @conal_

@DUPleader what a great way for your party to try and distract the public from the #Nama scandal, you cunt.

09/09/2015 22:46:24 WIB
Alex.Kane @AlexKane221b

Why didn't the DUP ministerial team just resign, rather than waiting for the Business Committee or SoS to jump in and save their jobs?

10/09/2015 01:36:09 WIB
Beechmount Sinn Féin @BeechmountSF

Sinn Féin Youth activists preparing mural in Cavendish St.Mural will draw parallels between Ireland 1845 & Syria 2015

10/09/2015 02:23:08 WIB
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Belfast Sinn Féin @belfastsinnfein

What has sparked the crisis - a fear of the overwhelming & ever increasing mandate of Irish Republicans.

10/09/2015 05:00:51 WIB
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Brian Rowan @BrianPJRowan

A big Stormont day - this time the crisis is for real…

10/09/2015 14:21:40 WIB
Louise Mallinder @MallinderLouise

Interesting survey data on N Ireland attitudes to peace, powersharing, gay rights, abortion and dealing with the past

10/09/2015 14:49:21 WIB
Newton Emerson @NewtonEmerson

Robinson on course for the kind of clever technical victory that most people find completely incomprehensible.

10/09/2015 16:50:55 WIB
Mark Devenport @markdevenport

Officials advising that if Stormont Assembly is adjourned/goes into recess main chamber would stop but Committees could carry on their work

10/09/2015 17:18:51 WIB
Steven McCaffery @StevieMcCaffery

1/2: recently from @TheDetailTV - Violence is only part of the crisis facing the peace process…

10/09/2015 17:42:57 WIB
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Steven McCaffery @StevieMcCaffery

2/2: NI talks should fulfil obligations to tackle poverty, racism & homophobia, say groups:…

10/09/2015 17:44:04 WIB
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You will, you will, you will... question of tea stirs strong emotions at Stormont:

10/09/2015 17:59:50 WIB
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Henry McDonald @henry_mcdonald

Northern Ireland's political crisis: the key questions answered

10/09/2015 18:31:49 WIB
Henry McDonald @henry_mcdonald

Northern Ireland power sharing edges closer to collapse

10/09/2015 18:31:49 WIB
141days @ActEast

Bomb Squad arrived at Tower St Campus East Belfast.

10/09/2015 18:33:32 WIB
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n o f r i l l s /共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills

今最もホットな話題。adjournmentとsuspensionは全然別のこと! (・_・) 難しいよ。でもここに「余地」があるんだね。/… さらにcollapseがある。 / “Ci…”

10/09/2015 20:02:34 WIB
Eamonn Mallie @EamonnMallie

Becoming evident @mikenesbittni was armed with security info in advance, to help him make his political calculations.

10/09/2015 20:04:13 WIB
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