September 8th #MGiechat

The second #MGiechat with the topic: gender in middle grade fiction
book ermurray
Sarah Webb @sarahwebbishere
Today I start writing a new children's book - wish me luck. It's exciting but terrifying! More on it soon ... #newbook #writing #mgiechat
Sarah Webb @sarahwebbishere
Lovely to chat to everyone on #mgiechat this evening - thanks for making it so interesting! *waves goodbye from Dun Laoghaire*
Sarah Webb @sarahwebbishere
Well genius that I am I was #mgchatie ing all eve and not #mgiechat - genius! Sorry @ERMurray
Helen Clark Jones @helenclarkjones
@ERMurray Nightie night and have a great evening. Thanks for the chat! #mgiechat
ElizabethRose Murray @ERMurray
I'll do a chirpi roundup folks as soon as I get back to my computer #MGiechat
Sarah Webb @sarahwebbishere
@RFLong @gutterbookshop Huge apologies, Ruth, I'm double booked but wishing you all the v best of luck at it. #mgiechat
Caroline Busher @CarolineBusher
@sarahwebbishere @msniamhgarvey Yes research is key. We need to deal with these issues in MG fiction #MGiechat
Niamh Garvey @msniamhgarvey
#MGiechat tonight was excellent. It moved so fast that I now have to spend the next hour catching up on what I missed.
Ruth Frances Long @RFLong
But bye #MGiechat I'm going to make @ERMurray be sociable now! :D
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