#a11ychat - Accessibility Tricks & Treats

This month we asked YOU to share your favorite #a11y tricks with us, and we treated several of you to some Amazon giftcards in return! This was a fantastic discussion, and we think a lot of great tricks were shared. November's chat is 11/19 at 5PM EST.
Deque Systems @dequesystems

In today's #a11ychat we want your best a11y tricks and tips. After the chat, the Deque team will pick the top 5 tips.

16/10/2012 03:59:06 WIB
Deque Systems @dequesystems

Four second place winners will win $25 Amazon gift cards, and first place is a $100 Amazon gift card! #a11ychat

16/10/2012 03:59:16 WIB
Rachel Luna @RachelHLuna

Excited for another great #a11ychat starting now!

16/10/2012 03:59:23 WIB
Denis Boudreau @dboudreau

Welcome to this month's #a11yChat! Anybody game enough to share the 1st a tip or trick? :)

16/10/2012 04:01:54 WIB
Rachel Luna @RachelHLuna

I'll jump in w/ a tip: Print pages in b/w to check for sufficient color contrast #a11ychat

16/10/2012 04:02:53 WIB
Paul J. Adam @pauljadam

Question: What's your favorite #WCAG2 or #Section508 checklist? We're asking for your best #a11y tips & tricks in today's #a11ychat.

16/10/2012 04:03:41 WIB
Sarah E Bourne @sarahebourne

#a11yChat #a11ytricksandtreats Use Headings and use them well! It's how screen readers users see what's on the page.

16/10/2012 04:03:45 WIB
Deque Systems @dequesystems

Come on everybody! Sweet, sweet Amazon dollars are on the line! What are your favorite a11y tips? #a11ychat

16/10/2012 04:03:48 WIB
John Foliot @johnfoliot

The definition of Optimism? Hoping that people will actually use a 19 character hashtag: #a11ytricksandtreats #a11ychat

16/10/2012 04:04:10 WIB
Deque Systems @dequesystems

@johnfoliot Har har. You only have to use #a11ychat. The other one's just for fun. ;p

16/10/2012 04:05:35 WIB
Sarah E Bourne @sarahebourne

#a11ychat "Alt text" is an alternative. Use text that replaces the picture, not describes it

16/10/2012 04:05:50 WIB
Paul J. Adam @pauljadam

Nothing specific required. Any #a11y tips and tricks you'd like to recommend in today's #a11ychat? #accessibility

16/10/2012 04:06:09 WIB
John Foliot @johnfoliot

@pauljadam Tip: don't use checklists, they presume that "tick the box and you've done the job" #a11ychat

16/10/2012 04:06:21 WIB
Denis Boudreau @dboudreau

.@RachelHLuna As a colorBlind person, I've always wondered if this was efficient enough. I'm a really bad judge, considering. ;p #a11yChat

16/10/2012 04:07:52 WIB
Glenda Sims @goodwitch

I think #a11y checklists are more like recipes. A good guide..but use your experience to make it delicious! @johnfoliot @pauljadam #a11ychat

16/10/2012 04:07:59 WIB
John Foliot @johnfoliot

@pauljadam Tip: teach about POUR - really teach that - and WCAG 2 success criteria will follow along naturally #a11ychat

16/10/2012 04:08:29 WIB
Sarah E Bourne @sarahebourne

#a11ychat Alt example: It's not "I heart New York", it's "I love New York" @dequesystems

16/10/2012 04:08:50 WIB
Andrew Kirkpatrick @awkawk

Tip: Click on label text in an HTML form - if the focus is set on control the for/id association is good. #a11ychat

16/10/2012 04:09:09 WIB
Rachel Luna @RachelHLuna

@dboudreau Great point. This tip is a good start, but definitely not the only way to check for color contrast #a11ychat

16/10/2012 04:09:16 WIB
Denis Boudreau @dboudreau

.@johnfoliot Agreed, but then, how do you whether or not you ran through everything? /cc @pauljadam #a11yChat

16/10/2012 04:09:34 WIB
Sarah E Bourne @sarahebourne

#a11ychat Validate your HTML! It can uncover sources of intermittent errors, because browsers and AT try to guess what you meant. 1/2

16/10/2012 04:10:02 WIB
Rachel Luna @RachelHLuna

Tip: Provide a transcript of videos in addition to captions. This is esp easy if you've already got a script used in filming #a11ychat

16/10/2012 04:10:34 WIB
John Foliot @johnfoliot

Wishes #WHATWG heard this!! RT @sarahebourne: #a11ychat "Alt text" is an alternative. Use text that replaces the picture, not describes it.

16/10/2012 04:10:39 WIB
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