Voting is one of the most important rights and responsibilities of living in a civil society. Your vote does make a difference. People have died to protect that right. Do not throw it away. Vote in every election you can.
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Amanda @LbrlOkie77
.@foreverlight323 @ecclesias @joy__hart @angryblacklady vote for the RWNJs. Do not come crying when all of your rights are gone.
🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @AngryBlackLady
Gotta love the “Hey man, I’m not a Republican. I’m not a democrat, man. I just really hate me some govt. Let’s get together and NOT VOTE.”
Emilia1956 @Emilia1956
@AngryBlackLady THAT is anarchy at work. And that's the meme the PL are pushing subtly. Don't VOTE. It sucks.
Tommy Thomason @Sillmyril
@AngryBlackLady I'm getting my TL hit by don't vote since demo's are ordering their arrest. /headdeskbash
Zorro Notorious M. E. B he / him @znmeb
@Shoq @AngryBlackLady Yep - everyone who turns 18 should register to vote the same day!
Buffalo Soldier @Shtuppinghorse
@AngryBlackLady Tricky Dick Nixon narrrowly won in '68 due to streetgang enforced Don't Vote campaign depressing Black turnout in Chicago
Gettscenes @gettscene
@5catjenny @Pnthrgrlgail @AngryBlackLady Yep, as Joy and I were discussing, if you did not vote.....then, DO NOT complain now!...
Jay ✊ @xeromachine
@AngryBlackLady "We tried to vote change, and that wasn't good enough. We've got to shout change!" Do they count shouts?
AAmom @AVD911
@emokidsloveme @AngryBlackLady well he's only 24 which in women's age is a boy of 14. he's still growing up and will not vote for romney.
emokidsloveme @emokidsloveme
Maybe he can vote for Herman Cain, a "real" black man. *throws glitter everywhere* @AVD911 @AngryBlackLady
🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @AngryBlackLady
I would totally vote Republican if one of them would come out and say they want to turn The Poors into Soylent Green. #GOPDebate
Emilia1956 @Emilia1956
@AngryBlackLady @RIIOrg @marz8 @ndz_ Moanie Joanie is pushing Ron Paul now. I tell u. Message 4 2012 from PL will b Paul or don't vote.
🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @AngryBlackLady
total fail RT @JoshuaHol: .@eclecticbrotha @AngryBlackLady I remember them avoiding a vote for incumbent protection. #Fail
vcthree @vcthree
@AngryBlackLady @JoshuaHol @eclecticbrotha That's accurate. Last September, Senate bailed on a vote. #Fail
Anon Intellectual @AnonIntellect
“.@AngryBlackLady: THIS RT .@ZandarVTS: You know who can get rid of the Republicans in 2012? You. You can vote. // #P2 #obama2012” Amern
🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @AngryBlackLady
@Shoq @MindDetonat0r no person with a brain is gonna say "well I was gonna vote for PBO, but then a cat huwt my feewings & made me cry." #p2
Ⓐ subversive☭ @MindDetonat0r
@AngryBlackLady I may still vote for Obama if it looks like GOP may win but America would be better off with a #NewConstitution
🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @AngryBlackLady
#derp MT @MindDetonat0r: @[me] I may still vote for Obama if it looks like GOP may win but America wld be better off w/ a #NewConstitution
If it's between me and the Kenyan-Muslim-socialist Obama - they'll vote for me... "A Summary Of Mitt Romney" http://t.co/mWyO5Uky
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