LMAO! Situs Porno Terbesar Sejagad @Pornhub Tawarkan BEASISWA 25K USD

international beasiswa scholarship website

banyak yang meragukan kebenarannya, tapi....

Pornhub ARIA @Pornhub
Yes its true!! Want to win a Pornhub scholarship? Let us help you! #pornhubcares ow.ly/RHuuJ pic.twitter.com/LxcBrAPoPY
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Beneran ada beasiswanya!

Rangifertarandus @ran9ifer
woohh! scholarship hunter!! pic.twitter.com/uKaNbTGwi1
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Yang lucu adalah reaksi dari orang2 yang "sangsi" kalau Pornhub benar2 tulus mau mendukung kemajuan penddikan

Miss Obviously In It To Win It @QuenchAid_
@Pornhub I'm a 1L in Law school, I don't have a GPA yet till next semester. Can I still apply? :)
Delvon @DelvonMarshall
@Pornhub is the scholarship for my porn career or?.....school.... πŸ˜‚
megan @Seventh_Letter
@Pornhub so is it like a scholarship FROM pornhub or a scholarship FOR pornhub university?
Seymour Butts @sebastiantherey
@Pornhub I go to a Christian university, give it to me and we can start a controversy
Ethan Graumann @GraumannNoodle
@TheWhiteNinja99 I'm bout to do it once I'm done with my classes todayπŸ˜…
Trevon @TheWhiteNinja99
@GraumannNoodle that's actually not that hard to do 😁
Ethan Graumann @GraumannNoodle
@TheWhiteNinja99 man you gotta write a 1000 word essay over how you make people happyπŸ˜‚
Trevon @TheWhiteNinja99
@GraumannNoodle I didn't even click the link lmaoo I don't wanna know
Chris Hernandez @rock3tpand4
@Pornhub if I win but I'm under 18 can I wait till I'm 18 to use that scholarhship ?
Sad But True @hahaimavirgin
@Pornhub Haha kind of like the classic, "Hey wanna get hitched at the courthouse?"
Mashable @mashable
Pornhub wants to give you $25,000 for college (and you can keep your clothes on) on.mash.to/1LM0sJA pic.twitter.com/RjyuDrdLps
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