Viral di Internet ~ Pasangan Traveler Biayai Hidup Sbg Tukang Bersih Toilet

Foto-foto dari akun instagram howfarfromhome berisi perjalanan pasangan traveler Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger
Ternyata demi biayai perjalanan mereka yang seru dan diidamkan orang-orang kantoran itu, mereka bekerja sebagai tukang bersih toilet dan pekerjaan kecil lainnya
Pasangan ini menjelaskan di blog mereka karena sadar akun sosmed mereka tidak memperlihatkan realita
BuzzFeed @BuzzFeed

A couple who quit their jobs to travel are now broke and scrub toilets for money

01/09/2015 00:03:07 WIB
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Ini jadi pembicaraan seru, netizen terbagi dari yang tidak heran dan yang merasa 'plong' dengar kejujuran mereka
hoe @fyeahsel

@BuzzFeed well duh what did they expect to become millionaires

01/09/2015 00:04:12 WIB
Hope Thunder Fire Ya @Oreo_Munroe

@fyeahsel yes they prob expected a book deal to fall from the sky. 😂

01/09/2015 00:23:22 WIB
hoe @fyeahsel

@oreomunroe probably!!!! I mean they got internet famous kinda so they're halfway there

01/09/2015 01:55:45 WIB

Makes sense MT @BuzzFeed: couple who quit jobs to travel are broke and scrub toilets for money

01/09/2015 00:07:35 WIB
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Court Dionne @courtdionne

@BuzzFeed and? Who cares. They just traveled the world and are rich in experience. I did the same thing and am building my life again.

01/09/2015 00:13:33 WIB
Zandy @zandy_thee

@buzzfeed Well that was dumb. They should've thought of a back-up plan! Well, Too late for THAT NOW...

01/09/2015 00:14:47 WIB
Grace O @gracey_o7

@BuzzFeed no thanks. I think I'll keep my well paying job & enjoy my 4 weeks of vacation... Minus shovelling cow dung, so I can buy floss 😐

01/09/2015 00:20:02 WIB
MATEO B. @Agave310

@BuzzFeed They love it, sounds like they're happy. Good for them. No pity on them from me.

01/09/2015 00:23:30 WIB
Tony Hill @TonyHill_7

@BuzzFeed @BuzzFeedBen Hm. "Don't you dare quit your job [stable even] and fullfill a dream."Might hv been portrayed not *quite* so negative

01/09/2015 00:41:46 WIB
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