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You could be an entrepreneur too

Being self-employed is a dream for some. It means running your own business. Choosing the correct financial provider is also important.
Andrew _Striker @Andrew_Striker

Steve Jobs was a great entrepreneur: Steve Jobs is probably one of the greatest entrepreneurs of this generation...

21/10/2011 16:02:55 WIB
Potential @PotentialCom

"An opportunity you can't miss out on!!!" on Potential Entrepreneur:

21/10/2011 16:00:10 WIB

With the economic struggle some people are trying to go around the obstacle.

There are solutions indeed.

But, despite of avoiding the main hurdle they could be some disappointments during the journey.

Becoming an entrepreneur has highs and lows - a bit like a rollercoaster.

But overall it seems to be the right choice for many.

Everyone has the freedom to try this direction. As long as the idea is original, the rest should be (almost) a walk in the park.


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